Monday, July 04, 2005

Campbell and the ferry accident ...

When asked about that frightening ferry crash in Horseshoe Bay by Bill Good today, Liberal leader Gordon Campbell ignored the fact that the Queen of Oak Bay just had a 35 million dollar refit, and harped on about the fault being that the government didn't build more ships in the 90s. (Whoa, is he saying the NDP is to blame? Again?) Hmm, why of course he is. He went further by saying that the present American managers of the BC ferry system, are out looking for more investment money to build more ships and that they have his full confidence in running the system. (We assume in building ships in foreign countries)
He then also ignored the fact that the government spent something like 14 million dollars over their advertising budget on telling us what we already know, BC is the greatest, just before an election of course. He also declared that the advertising was NOT a political message. When asked about not telling anyone about this budget fiasco, he was of course unapologetic, saying that lots of people had asked him to tell us how great we were. He never gave that money to the tourist industry to tell tourists the message OUTSIDE of BC. And ignored the fact that the overspending would have paid for 200 hip operations for British Columbians. Hmm, is the NDP to blame here too? Carol Taylor, the star candidate and shiny new Finance Minister, during a recent press conference, had no answers about these lost millions, budget money gone that was known as being overspent BEFORE the election but was hidden from public scrutiny until now.
Then when it was suggested that when former Premiers Dave Barratt and Bill Bennett agreed on a political idea during the last election, STVs, (probably the first time ever) Gordon Campbell declared that these two multi-time provincial leaders were not the political elite and their ideas were of the past, not the present.
The callers were so obviously set up that it was pathetic. All asking Campbell nice little questions about his policy. Bill Good of course, true to his wishy-washy form, accepts whatever his guest says without pressing for details. Campbell also dismissed political columnist Bill Tielman as not having anything to say. Will he try to have the newspaper 24hours shut down too? As he did the Georgia Straight?
Well it's sort of like he's campaigning right now isn't it? But then he knows gullible voters will forget in time for the next round. Matter of fact, that's what all liberals count on, President Martin included.
Same old same old.

UPDATE: Since this post, there have been two more engine failures on BC Ferries, The Queen of Saanich and the Queen of Cumberland both had problems. The Saanich an exhaust valve and the Cumberland THREE OUT OF FOUR engines! Although our media reporters don't ask why, it almost begs the question of the American management about WHO is doing the maintenance on our BC fleet? Doesn't it?

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