Saturday, July 09, 2005

Canadian beer tricks

Lowenbrau is back. The German beer is back in our BC liquor stores after several years of absence. This quality beer imported from Munich is truly an international beer, they even label it as bier, beer, biere, birra cerveza, cerveja, imported beer, biere importee. Nice to have it back after the Canadian brewers did their sneaky trick on the Germans.

the beer, out there ...

You see, what they do when an imported beer begins to sell real well is this; They propose to the importer to make it for them here under licence, this saves the huge shipping costs and supplies their market for them. What the importer doesn't know is this; they purposely make crappy beer with the importer's label on it, thus guaranteeing that the product they're making under licence will steadily decrease in sales, become known as poor beer, destroying the reputation of the product entirely and phasing it out of the market because they usually have a long term agreement. Effectively eliminating their competition. They did it with Miller High Life when it too became very popular.
Our Canadian beer companies stop at nothing to protect their market. One beer company executive once admitted that they made seven labels of beer with only four vats. North American brewers purposely ignore the fact that in Germany the purity laws prevail in the making of beer and a company cannot dump huge amounts of artificial ingredients or chemicals into the brewing. Apparantly Budweiser has been spending millions lobbying the German government to relax these laws, because 'Bud' drinkers apparantly LIKE chemicals in their beer. And it is CHEAPER to brew that way. So far the Germans will have none of it. They're aghast at the thought! They've been making Lowenbrau in Bavaria since 1353, they know what they're doing. Danke schoen.
Welcome back, Lowenbrau, read the small print. Bitte.

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