Friday, July 08, 2005

Canada's Olympic team

Once again, Canada's Olympic hopes are dominated by the NHL. Wayne Gretsky is STILL unwilling to use Todd Bertuzzi on OUR team. His loyalties are clearly with the money and the NHL. One can understand that he made his millions playing in the NHL, he was actually hugely responsible for the expansion into the US market when they really needed the image. But Gretsky's ideas are misplaced. He has not the Canadian Olympic team in his mind, using the best Canadian players whoever they are, he is sticking with his American masters. He says he might place Bertuzzi on the team if his suspension is ended by the NHL.
We ask what the NHL has to do with OUR olympic team? He got away with it with the World Cup because everyone accepts that it is an NHL tournament. But the Olympics are supposed to be independent of a professional organization.
Of course the American Olympic team is thrilled that a supserstar of Bertuzzi's caliber won't be playing for Canada.
Gretsky is betraying us by his misplaced ideology. He OWES Canada, NOT the USA.
Meanwhile Sidney Crosby has a 10 million dollar offer from Lugano to play in Switzerland. SEVEN millions higher than his entry level salary would be in the NHL. What could Todd Bertuzzi get in Europe as a proven quality player?
Todd Bertuzzi should go looking, he has nothing to prove in the NHL. He should tell 'em to go to hell and enjoy his life.

Lugano, Italian Switzerland

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  1. Todd Bertuzzi should be back, deserves to be and should be on our National team. When Team Canada tryouts are held this summer in kelowna, I wil be there and I hope Todd is too!


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