Thursday, January 14, 2010

VANOC's latest embarrassment

The other day, the Scotia Bank started an enthusiastic company endorsement of Canadian athletes, called Show Your Colours Canada.
It was kicked off by two-time Olympic gold medalist, Cassie Campbell. "What it means and feels like to be a proud Canadian is something truly unique and special for every one of us," said Ms. Campbell, Captain of Canada's National Women's Hockey Team from 2001 - 2006, and six-time World Champion gold medalist. "Show Your Colours is a 'call to action' for Canadians to show their pride and encourages them to think about how they can show the world what makes Canada a truly amazing nation - from its environment to its citizens, coast to coast."
This corporate pride and encouragement was seen by many as positive cheer toward competing Canadians.

There they were again, threatening to sue Scotia Bank for 'ambush marketing'. Saying that their actions would hurt the Olympic games.
What it seems they want is for no one to participate in their Olympics. No one to write anything about them. No one to talk about them.
No wonder the overwhelming majority of British Columbians I have talked to feel left out of the whole event when we cannot even cheer on our athletes unless it is through buying the privilege with official sponsors.
I don't know about you, but I feel a strong backlash against those 'official' sponsors.
Pride is one thing, greed is another.

addenda eye opener: read this to see how VANOC is shafting our American friends -


  1. Anonymous9:46 am

    I have dealt with Royal for years, but I will now open an account with Scotia to show my support. Down with Vanoc.

  2. Vanoc and Gordo have gone too far.
    They are the most arrogant and untrusted men I have seen.They have made the people of Vancouver hate the Olympics.

  3. I'll second that Frank.How these men can continue to keep a straight face is beyond me.

  4. Anonymous11:02 am

    My daughter came home with a request from her school which is singing in our community when the torch arrives, the permission slip said she couldn't wear a jacket with a logo and quote "The Vanoc committee requests that no advertising is on any clothing unless it is Olympic sponsored" I love the wear red in support of Canada and our Olympic athletes but to ask a parent to not wear a coat with a logo, I guess the rule makers haven't been shopping for kids lately and seen that it's all about the "logo" Lulu Lemon, West 49, Nike, Adidas, ect ect ect. A bit extreme for me. I am guessing there will be a huge group of kids with no coats singing in the cold, oh they will be red!

  5. Anonymous10:46 am

    Oh! when will these stupid people stop. They have upset so many people with their arrogant talk. They have turned so many people against the Olympics.Down with Vanoc....


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