Monday, January 11, 2010

Roxxxy the Sex Robot - 71 to go

Roxxxy the sex robot made her debut in front of adoring fans at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas.
Roxxxy is a life-size, anatomically correct, robotic girlfriend who comes complete with artificial intelligence and flesh-like synthetic skin. She stands five feet, seven inches tall, weighs 120 pounds, "has a full C cup and is ready for action," according to Douglas Hines, who was an artificial intelligence engineer at Bell Labs before starting TrueCompanion.
Not sure if that means Douglas has artificial intelligence or Roxxy has.
It says here that she is a companion, she hears you, she listens to you, (note the separate categories) All women hear you, but .... well, you know.

There's more, Roxxxy comes with five personalities. Wild Wendy is outgoing and adventurous, while Frigid Farrah is reserved and shy. Would you pay $9000. for frigid?
I am not really sure I want a personality anyhow. My vacant looking wide-eyed blow up doll, (Mazie) doesn't need any thoughts. And she seems to be saying a perpetual 'Wow!, enough for my simple ego.
And I can deflate her and have a secret companion right there with me, deep in my front pants pocket.

Inspiration for the sex robot sprang from the September 11, 2001 attacks, when planes crashed into the World Trade Center in New York City and Douglas decided to replicate his friend's personality who died in that event. ??? I am not making this up. I promise. But it does cause one to wonder about Doug's friends.
I can't figure this either, but after years of seeing those extremely beautiful Mattel Barbie Dolls I can't figure out why she was made so ... eewww ... ugly! Roxxxy is like Cro-Magnon man with a wig. A rubberized Drag Queen. I only suggest that perhaps she is intended to look like one of the 72 virgins promised to the suicide bombers on 9/11. Anything to put them off.

I wonder if she'll do a balloon fly if you stick a pin in her bum? Oh not .... you can bet she already has a hole in her bum.
Please don't imagine the ... um .... testing of this ... er... product.
Damn now you are, aren't you?

Well no perversions for me.
I am just going to stick to my regular Gentlemens' Club where I can go and get chained upside down to a wall naked and have Madame Merelda beat the hell out of me!

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