Monday, January 25, 2010

Gordie Robertson - Golden Boy

Gordie Robertson started to get publicity a few weeks ago because he was a gold medalist in the 1952 Olympic Games in Hockey! Playing forward for the Trail Smoke Eaters in Oslo, Norway.
Gordie is now 83, an entertaining character and still a native of Trail, British Columbia.
After appearing on several radio staitons to express his disappointment of not being able to attend an Olympic event, a caller to a radio show gave him a ticket to a hockey event, the Canada Swiss game, even volunteering to put him up at his home during his stay in Vancouver.

Olympic organizers weren't prodded into seeing their mistake and it took another torch bearer to step aside to allow Gordie to carry an Olympic Torch, (not like the one below) as part of the relay passing through the Kootenays.

Of course, many people are thinking; Why wasn't Gold Medalist Gordie Robertson invited to our Gold Medal game as a special guest in the first place? Here we are fawning over our present day athletes, who have yet to accomplish anything, but forgetting our former glory winners?

Olympic honour is evidently very fragile.

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  1. Landy8:45 am

    What a terrible shame. The Olympic
    heads are so busy getting friends free tickets and lining their own pockets.SHAME SHAME on you money grabbing idiots.


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