Monday, January 04, 2010

BC Place Stadium - goodbye?

This is what I think might happen to our stadium because of secret deals. We just now heard about a secret deal made by VANOC in April, 2009, which was to take 8.3 million dollars from a 'construction' budget ... and use it to build an Olympic flame holder inside the stadium and to make the acoustics better.
Apparently someone sold this to John Furlong on the idea that the athletes, needed to hear well in there so they would compete better out there. And one bozo (Dave Cobb) said, "We like to keep these things secret for the surprise element"! Someone needs to tell ol' Dave, that the public cannot be surprised any more by the Olympics Committee's nefarious deals.
Well, we all know how much the developers want to get their greedy hands on the BC Place property. I think they'll purposely get those construction costs up so high that Gordon Campbell will announce that he is scrapping the whole stadium deal, and is being responsible to the BC taxpayers. Therebye allowing his friends to fly in like vultures to a rotting corpse and feed.
Then it wouldn't surprise me at all, Dave, if Gordon pockets millions more in payoffs from whomever while the condos get built.
Big deals have been canceled before in the name of saving the taxpayer's money, usually after someone already got all the taxpayer's money.
Don't count on watching the Lions or Whitecaps play anywhere near BC Place unless you buy a condo there and have a big screen TV.
Got any more secrets to surprise us with, Dave?

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  1. Anonymous9:47 am

    Hey, it's the first time the ceremonies will be indoors? Why couldn't they be at old empire stadium site and leave the damn roof alone?!


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