Friday, April 27, 2007

Kyoto, the Government and you

I always thought Lou Dobbs, the host of CNN news and financial shows was a business toady, there to promote the money line and help the rich become richer as these guys usually do. But there's a change in his attitude lately, he has concluded several times in the last few months, that the business corporations in America are forming American policy and deciding it. Companies are running the world for the profit of their shareholders.
Here in Canada, it is becoming equally obvious and true.
When Environment Minister David Baird was questioned a few weeks ago, he professed that pollution control and Kyoto agreements would only be applied if it didn't hurt 'business' in Canada. Now he has announced some plan cooked up by himself and his cronies to use the polluted smoke-screen of business and government (same thing) to initiate a new way to diminish pollution in Canada. A plan that no one seems to know how will work or what baseline they are using. The Kyoto agreements have been tossed. Business has won again.
You are expected to conserve and save the world from your home, while corporations continue to account to no one but shareholders when they should be considering our grandchildren's future. They focus on the individual to draw attention away from business. All the scientists and planet watchers have been critical of the weak effort of lip service announced by Baird. David Suzuki said it wasn't enough and former U.S. vice-president Al Gore said it was a “complete and total fraud designed to mislead the Canadian people.”
Stephen Hawking has said that we humans need to get off this planet because we are surely going to destroy it. I trust Hawking way more than David Baird.
It's almost too late and they are still not serious.


  1. Anonymous3:39 pm

    That asshole Baird has got the nerve to argue with Suzuki, Gore and everyone else too. fucking politcal asshole! Who cares about our kids!

  2. Anonymous4:11 pm

    Paul Martin, is that you up there? What the f*#@ did YOU ever do for the future kids except teach them corruption!

  3. Anonymous3:28 pm

    The problem as I see it, as Canadians, is that we are too used to our government being a total fraud and misleading us. So what is new?


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