Thursday, July 20, 2006

WWE - RAW rasslin' at its best

Apparantly TSN is forsaking WWE RAW (rasslin', I can't bring myself to say wrestling) because it got NFL Monday Night Football instead. Good for credibility. Broadcasting RAW, in spite of its ratings, leaves a sports fan wondering what they are thinking?
I watched a RAW event one time a few years ago. (I was innocently flicking past, really) I forget who the actors were, but there were a couple of things of interest. Although probably only to a teenager who just torched his cat for fun. They had this steroid muscle guy come in toward the ring at the end of a huge ramp through smoke and purple lights while his opponent waited. The approaching purple guy joked about going to visit his opponent's father in the hospital who was suffering from cancer! He went on to say that he was glad the man's father had cancer and he even stole the old man's watch while he lay helpless! (NOT kidding) Then when the other man erupts in (fake) rage and runs up the ramp, our purple guy finds a hammer somewhere and slams him in the head with it! (please, this is true) Out cold. All to frenzied cheers and jeers!
Then in another 'match'. One guy is rasslin' for pride? He volunteers to put his 'hos' up for the prize! He parades these slutty dressed women into the ring, about 8 of them if I recall. He lost to the challenger who took possession of the 'hos' and paraded them off to a harem room somewhere. Assuming that some ex-steriod eunuch rassler would be looking after them of course.
All this went on before screaming teenaged boys. (I guess they screened them all to make sure no boy had a father in hospital with cancer) Of course all this stuff wouldn't influence adolescents' attitudes toward women or violence. No.
Well I can't blame the actors/rasslers from taking part in this. Most of these guys would be back at the gas station, stealing cars or raising pit bulls without this employment.
I think it is Mr. McMahon (as he prefers to be called, striving for respectability. No one ever calls Vince 'Vinnie'.) who controls it all. Even to the extent of suppressing film footage showing the rasslers rehearsing their lines. And he makes sure it is delayed one hour to edit out any of the clear misses of forearm smashes and foot stomps to the head. To be fair Mr. McMahon even calls them 'scenes'.
Its Jerry Springer on steroids. ( at least Jerry admits it's all a big joke)
Ah, violence at its best.
But nothing to do with sports.


  1. Anonymous3:45 pm

    Who would ever watch these kind of programs? Not anyone with any intelligence, would be my guess.

  2. Anonymous11:44 pm

    14 years old love them. They get to see legitimate bullying, and they learn to treat women as chattels

  3. Anonymous11:53 am

    The mentality of the viewers tells you a lot. If there's anybody OVER 14 they are probably sponging off their mothers for tickets.


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