Thursday, July 27, 2006

Vigilante justice

All across Canada it is well known that the law abiding citizens are fed up with judicial justice. Having the worst criminals walking through courtrooms like McDonalds' Drive-thrus is about to be unacceptible. Our children and our future are at stake.
Drug dealers now frequent the corners of every major city in Canada as well as most of the small towns. The people know who they are. The police know who they are. Vancouver was even written up recently in a British tourist magazine as being infested with homeless beggars and drug dealers everywhere. People cautioned about coming here. Not a good thing for 2010.
Yet it goes on and on. People have been calling for tougher sentences for years, to a deaf ear of the justice system. To a deaf ear of the judges who seem to care more for the perpetrators than the victims.
Finally in one small community in New Brinswick it went too far and the people took action against these insidious criminals who were addicting their children to crack cocaine, among other lethal drugs. They burned down a crack house and prevented the fire department from putting it out. And they beat the bad guys badly enough to force them to leave their island.
It was vigilante justice well done. Applauded across the country by frustrated parents everywhere. Something they surely have wanted to do.
It had to start somewhere. Those New Brunswickers say the purge of drug dealers in their community isn't over yet.
Maybe the purge of drug dealers in Canada is just beginning.

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous9:55 am

    Good for them....
    If the judges won't send a message to the drug dealers, then maybe the people will have to do their jobs for them.
    Downtown Vancouver is a disgrace for tourist coming to see our city. I walked home from work yesterday and counted 25 panhandlers in a 5 block radious. A tourist stopped to ask me directions, his comment was he will not be back till the police clean the city up. How many others feel the same. Maybe the tourists will not flock here for 2010 either.
    Will be in debt for 30 years as well, because the police and and justice system refuses to do anything about the problems.


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