Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Rescue - Why?

Is there any real reason that the Canadian government should charter ships to go into a war zone to rescue as many as 20,000 'Canadians'? Since when did we have an obligation to collect people who chose to go there for 'vacations' or other reasons? This is not Dunkirk.
On closer examination would we find that these Canadian citizens are carrying Canadian passports of convenience? Are they Lebanese who have come to Canada, bought their citizenship, and immediately returned to their home country for whatever reason?
In most cases of stress in countries a government warns their citizens to stay away from dangerous areas. In the case of Lebanon, this has been ongoing since 1975! So if they have returned to do business for whatever reasons, the Canadian taxpayer should make no effort to rescue these people. Lebanese Canadians should simply go north, out of the potential danger zone and leave the country at their own expense.
Having them on radio and television criticizing our efforts is ridiculous and insolent. They should stay here at their chosen home or tough out the situation wherever they are. Canada needs to review its process of doling out passports to people who do not embrace Canada as a place to live a privileged life. If it is your new home, come here to contribute, not to have a safe base.
Canada, love it or leave it, but don't use it.


  1. Anonymous10:46 am

    you'd assume if they were visiting family or on holiday, that they had return airfare anyway. Why not take them to cypress to let them get home from there? You can bet they'll be cashing in those return tickets!
    Nice windfall.

  2. Anonymous3:42 pm

    I cannot believe all those people are on holidays. I think they come to Canada, get their citizenship then go back to make trouble. Then they can leave when they want at our expense.

  3. Anonymous10:45 pm

    did anyone notice on the news that a lot of these people had nowhere to go and were totally UNfamiliar with Canada? What gives with that?

  4. Anonymous11:16 am

    I saw that. One guy was here as a child and had never been back in 20 years! You should LOSE your Canadian status if you never come here to be part of Canada.
    Yeah I'm pissed off with all these people who are using Canada for their own reasons. If these people have been in Lebanon for 20 years, why come here now? What do they think of Canada except as a place to raise money to fight Israel?

  5. Anonymous12:00 pm

    The ones I heard were talking about how bad it was, then went into rants about the Israelis and how they needed revenge.
    Are these the kind of people we should be 'rescuing'?


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