Monday, November 05, 2018


I once knew a lunatic who tried to do arithmetic on population thick as you can see, 
and also I must mention that this crazy man's intention only brought him apprehension from his spree.
So then he decided that he shouldn't have confided in another man divided such as me,
and took up his ability to have such versatility changed into the stability of three. 

Upon examination we found out his computation was a strange enough creation in his mind,
for now we counted four of us and one too many more of us could only put the chore of us behind.
So we thought about it overnight until we found the oversight and waited for the morning light to shine,
but now we counted seventeen and someone had to intervene for fear the other eighteen would combine!

Things were getting out of hand and no-one seemed to understand that this was not a great and grand hotel,
we had to find a volunteer who'd promise that he'd disappear a person who would be sincere as well,
but all throughout the Brotherhood everyone misunderstood and Motherhood again began to swell,
and then among civilians they were counting in the millions which had finished in the billions very well.

We soon began to estimate we should begin to concentrate on keeping this accumulate in hand,
but everyone was now aboard and no-one here could still afford to check about this horde upon the land.
So we gave up our addition which had been our sole ambition and decided a magician we would need,
there was just too much dejection in this very huge collection over how we'd make connection to their feed. 

You remember of the lunatic who worked on his arithmetic about this population thick as gloom,
well he's standing on the back on one who''s standing on his other son who's standing time has just begun to bloom.
Now there may seem no end to this and it may look like we're amiss but it is time to hug and kiss and sigh ...
and while I'm holding you so near I'll make sure within a year someone new will soon appear, goodbye. 

 discovered in writings from many years ago

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