Saturday, March 09, 2013

Not mad at drug dealers anymore.

I used to be angry that drug dealers, robbers, fraud and scam artists brought such anguish to so many law abiding people. That was before. 

I read recently where HSBC, the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation was recently caught laundering Mexican cartel drug money through their bank. They also did business with rogue nations like Iran and Sudan. Even though as early as 2008 they were warned! The fine from the US Justice department is about 1.9 billion dollars. This clearly states to me that they have no interest is being a law abiding corporation as long as money is their driving force. And no executive heads ever rolled over any of these actions.
The profit for HSBC in 2007 was 19.7 billion! The most profitable bank in the world. They made all that money by looking after YOUR money! AND criminal's money! 

Here are some figures for Canada -  Canadian bank profits for only the third quarter of 2012!
      • Royal Bank      - $2.24 billion        73% increase
      • TD Bank          -  1.70 billion        14%  +
      • Scotia Bank     -  2.05 billion        57%  +
      • CIBC               -   841 million       42%  +
      • BMO               -   970 million       37% +
Nice huh? And they don't make you a burger while you're waiting in line. Or grease your car. Or press your trousers. All they really do is take your money away from you, and steal a lot of it!

Enron?  Shareholders lost nearly $11 billion when Enron's stock price, which achieved a high of $90. per share during mid-2000, decreased to less than $1 by the end of November 2001. (virtually ALL of the evidence in that scandal was housed in FBI offices in WT7 and conveniently lost when it crumbed to the ground on 9/11/2001) What about Freddie Mac and Fannie May? How many other major crimes can you think of, perpetrated by companies ignoring the law with impunity? Operating by their own rules. How many large corporations are getting away with fraud, downright robbery, theft, complicity, manipulation, while destroying the lives of the people who should be able to trust them?

Why is the anti-vaccine movement growing? Is it because the former heads of pharmaceutical companies are the ones in government approving medical treatments and medicines? 
Why are people rebelling against genetically manipulated foods? Or GMOs. Is it because companies like Monsanto have control of the federal agencies entrusted to make sure our foods are safe? 
Why is it all going wrong at the top? And affecting most of those on the bottom?

So what this post says, is that all the drug dealers on all the street-corners of North American cities and all the thieves and burglars and scam artists still don't do the damage to common people that the large corporations, banks and global companies do.

A guy may steal a car and get 5 years. Defraud a widow and get 10, rob a bank and get 20! And the sleazy executives of indifferent corporations carry on in comfort and a splendorous life style enjoying million dollar salaries. Impervious to government control or judgement or prosecution. 
The classes have separated and the gap is growing wider. 

I'm not mad at the little bad guys anymore, I'm mad at the big bad guys.

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