Saturday, March 16, 2013

Educational TV shows

I seem to keep finding and watching TV shows that have historical drama. Not sure why. 
I think it is the adventure in them. Fantastic episodes. Funny part is that when they're over, I'm not always acquainted with whatever angle the historical plot had. 

Sinbad. Xena. Spartacus, all wonderful examples of historical dramas that entice me. Brave characters and courageous deeds, all in aid of helping out us mere Earthlings. 
Perhaps I am a student of history. Yes, that's it. The noble pursuit of knowledge. Of knowing how the world came about. Yes, I like that. 

Here are some of these wonderful historic characters who bring out the higher purpose of living here on Earth. I love history. 

magical Maeve from Sinbad
Xena the Warrior Princess 

Goddess Athena

faithful Danielle

                    what's her name from Spartacus

Fifties Mad history
Lucretia   from who cares?

future history
Calisto - ba-ad girl

Yes, nothing like learning about the past. Helps us know our place. And appreciate how we got here. I love learning about our ancient world.

Yes, I am a student of history. 


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