Friday, July 06, 2012

This is what I don't get ...

Only three of the Vancouver rioters have so far been convicted and sentenced. All three of those have pled guilty. Several more who are pleading guilty have been convicted. In most cases their sentencing is delayed until 2013!
That is yet another year away from the original criminal act. Why is this taking so long?
It seems to me, that we could have had a special judge and court room assigned to specifically hear the cases of all those who are pleading guilty. Then we bring them all in at 7 in the morning and show them and their lawyers the video evidence, ask them what they plead, they say guilty, and the judge gives them their sentence in that moment!

 Would you agree that the whole process should take 10 minutes tops?
Would you agree that the perps who are pleading guilty anyway, would WANT the sentencing immediately?
Would you agree that their lawyers, having their clients pleading guilty anyway, would welcome the quick money? Ten minutes - maybe a thousand dollars?
Would you agree that taking up to three YEARS after the crime to hand down sentencing is just plain stupid, inefficient, and idiotic when there is no contest from the defendants? By their own agreement.

In an 8 hour day that would be 48 criminals sentenced. Why do 8 hours? Why not run that courtroom for 10 hours, to 7 PM, or even 10 PM! 15 hours! That would be 90 convictions and sentences handed down. No delay. No bulls**t.  Set a time, and if they don't turn up, double the sentence. 

And if the defendants could forgo a lawyer because of the expected swift justice, and because of their agreement to being guilty, they might be happy to save the exorbitant lawyer's fees.

They say there are 200 rioters awaiting court. Let them argue their cases if they want to, then the delays and costs will be part of their suffering, different matter, but if they plead guilty, save us all the grief and consternation of why court takes so long and get on with it.

They are pleading guilty and WANT it over with. It is full justice. Shouldn't at least 90 of these perps have been convicted and sentenced by now?

Why don't I get why this is taking so long?


  1. Anonymous5:05 pm

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  2. Anonymous5:12 pm

    as of August 12, 2012. Almost two YEARS after the riot. 137 have been charged. 137 have pled guilty. ONLY 4 have been sentenced! Some sentencing is 8 months from the court time and will happen in 2013.


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