Monday, July 23, 2012

Separated at Birth?

This is better than Ringo and Yassir Arafat.
These two have an uncanny resemblance:
Keven Krueger, a British Columbia MLA, and Roy Handler, Chelsea Handler's brother.

Both have woman mentors - Kevin has Christy (Miss Cleavage) Clarke, and Roy has Chelsea (Playboy feature) Handler. Kevin is retiring from the legislature and therefore leaving Christy, Roy is being kicked out of Chelsea's house by Chelsea.
Christy, our BC Premier has wonderful cleavage and displays it fully and often. It is believed that Chelsea, a woman of some experience, also has great cleavage but exposes it less often.

Could Kevin and Roy have crossed paths? Perhaps in the baby nursery?

There once was a time when a rich Prince out riding in a strange town, came across a poor beggar in the street and noticed a striking resemblance between himself and the beggar. "Hail there, you," he ordered. The beggar, startled and afraid at being accosted by a knight of such finery, cringed, "Yes your majesty?" The Prince calmed his horse at the smell of the beggar and said, "You bear a striking resemblance to myself, I want to know if your mother ever passed through my Kingdom?"
The beggar squinted at the noble countenance of the well groomed Prince and said, "No, your Mastership, but my father did."

We assume Kevin and Roy will never cross paths again, but once was probably enough.

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