Friday, October 26, 2007

Price gouging for Canadians?

Lots of publicity right now about what Canadian retailers think of Canadian consumers. With our high Canadian dollar pressure to match US prices is strong. Yet their attitude seems to be that the Canadian market is cream and they charge what they can for extreme profits. I see this as a disdain for their own customers.
Recently I began looking to buy a few things, among them cameras and computer peripherals.
I looked at London Drugs for a Canon S5 IS. A great little camera. London Drugs' price was $499. Canadian. If I drive a few miles to Bellingham, my price would be $337. US! Note that the Canadian dollar is right now at 104 over the US dollar. I have not bought the camera in Vancouver.
Then I went to Future Shop to buy a Lacie 500 gb external hard drive for my computer. The manufacturers suggested list price is $119. Future shop had this item at $274.! Anywhere in Blaine or Bellingham I could change my Canadian dollars for American money and make these two deals at regular US prices. And I have not looked for sales yet in Bellis Faire, for instance.
If you're a Canadian consumer. They are preying on you folks. You represent extra profits for retailers here. Gouge profits. They cry about their costs by that is not our concern. They can drive whatever bargain they like with the manufacturers, it takes strong management to do it but it can be done. As a chain store you just remove their product from your shelves for a week and see what deal they'll give you to get your retail prices in line.
If I buy these two products across the border, I will SAVE $317 DOLLARS over buying them in Canada. That is HUGE and pays for my lunch and the bonus is cheap gas. Three Hundred and seventeen dollars!
And it shows that Canadian retailers have gotten soft and have nothing but disdain for their customers.
Besides, those Americans are WAY more friendly too.

Further interest - Went to buy a magazine, 12.95 Canadian dollars - 9.95 American dollars. So if I go to the bank and change my Canadian into American dollars, it will cost me 9.68 to get 9.95 American. So I save $3.27 on a simple magazine!
Oh yes, I looked at another 500 gig external hard drive - Manufacturers suggested list price, or if I buy it from the web, (free shipping by manufacturer) was $119.00. London Drugs price = $149.00. CostCo price - $179.00.
Sure, I know there are other variables, like travel and effort, but it DOES give you an idea that Canadian retailers are grabbing everything they can out of your pocket. If I am going to pay more, then I'll be supporting the small independant retailer thanks, NOT the chains.

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  1. Anonymous9:38 am

    I hate spending my money in the US..
    But for a 317 dollars I will bite my
    tongue,and do it..


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