Thursday, October 04, 2007

Hydro power in BC. For America?

The plans to build hundreds of Run-of-the-River power projects in BC need to have guidelines placed on these projects before allowing any contracts. Although the attitude of the present government is that it is private enterprise and we never dare put restrictions on what private business can do. What I mean is that allowing private power companies to bypass BC Hydro without rules for the benefit of British Columbians should be a no go. My alarm signals begin to flash when I am told that it is all good for BC people. And that we are presently importing power. My concern is that we are again being told lies by omission, a trademark of Gordon Campbell. We always find out much later that the BC Liberals were scheming against us. We haven’t been told much about selling the power generated by these new projects, except that they will, after a certain time period of selling to BC Hydro, be free to then sell to whoever they like. Read that as America. And at that time, my assumption is that we will have NO authority over our own BC river projects to reclaim that power for ourselves if need be.
Nigel Protter, in a recent Georgia Straight article said, ‘... why should we care where the electricity goes?’ Well wouldn’t we care if we are facing a brown-out in Vancouver and our own rivers are generating power to keep Las Vegas alight? Or that they will provide us with electricity made from our own rivers, but at an ‘American’ price.
Just fine with Environment Minister Barry Penner too. His side-mouth-talking asserted that we would avoid importing power from coal burning or gas burning etc. Ba-ad for us all. Carefully omitting the point, of course, of why we would import any power at all from other sources than our very own rivers. (As an aside, did California EVER pay us that 600 million they owe us for power?)
We need to implement rules to whatever power projects are built, in that WE can reclaim that power back to us without a penalty at any time. That should simply be the cost of private enterprise doing business using BC resources, supposedly owned by the people of BC.
Of course not much of BC is run by British Columbians anymore is it? And one needs to have suspicion with every announcement from this devious government. BC Rail is no longer. Now CN DErail is run out of New York. BC Gas has become Terasen so we won’t even think of it as ours, now run out of Texas. We sent 350 million dollars to Germany to build ships that could have been built here by British Columbians. Not a dime going to a BC worker!
We were once proud of the accomplishments of British Columbians for British Columbia, I wonder if we’ll begin to feel like dupes when we are told to stay away from our own rivers?

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