Thursday, October 11, 2007

Death among the criminals - 2 ???

Last night in Surrey, well not actually at night-time, it was apparently around 5:30 pm, supper hour at a MacDonalds restaurant, two groups started shooting at each other in the parking lot. No one was killed among the criminals.
A police spokesman, reassuring the public that it was not a random shooting said, "It was between two groups in the parking lot, the public was not in danger at all, unless it would be from a stray bullet."
Is that supposed to be reassuring? We are supposed to just relax and continue our Big Macs? Maybe just watch the bad guy show outside? Tell our kids, "It's okay, just don't stand in the way of a stray bullet?" Is that an asinine statement by the police or what?
The stray bullets are exactly what we're worried about! Don't the cops understand?
A lot of these criminal gang types are stupid. How many drive-by shootings have sprayed bullets into the wrong house because these a**holes didn't know what street they were on? What about the girl in Gastown who was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time when someone pulled a gun and shot at someone else? Killing her. What about that Toronto street shooting? A woman across the street lost her life in a flail of bullets.
The public IS in danger, quit trying to lie for a job poorly done protecting us.
Cruel and unusual punishment is dying simply for being an innocent passer-by. Twenty years in jail for shooting a gun in public is not.
It's justice.

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    Right on again with your comments.


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