Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Scientific experiment - folding paper 7 times


  1. Anonymous9:53 am

    Is it the folding of the paper that you noticed or the boobs?

  2. Perhaps this requires further scientific tests? Could a very small boobed girl fold paper 8 times? Not worth studying, is it? Like who cares?
    Perhaps our tester couldn't fold the paper again because she couldn't SEE it down there? A future test might include mirrors so the PAPER could be seen better by the tester and the rest of us, and also, maybe the sweater is too thick?
    One suggestion might be to remove the clothing entirely, which would provide a valley/channel for the poor girl to see down through, therefore giving her a better chance of folding the paper one more time. And better for us to witness the result.
    All in the interests of science, of course.

  3. Anonymous8:29 am

    One on the board for you Cater!

  4. mizzter12:42 pm

    What was she doing again? Tried to watch it several times now.

  5. Anonymous12:36 pm

    I think she's trying to fold something.


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