Thursday, August 02, 2007

Home Alarm Systems

A company in my town constantly advertises their home alarm system and warns you about other 'inferior' systems. It is a voice system where a real guy talks to you if you're broken into.
I looked at their website for a few niggling things that were bothering me.
However they seem to omit things in their blurb.
Like for the price they advertise, you get ONE DOOR alarm and NO window alarms. You then hope the burglar picks that door? Additional coverage is where they get you. I guess you at least know which door to run out of.
It's a voice system, if the alarm goes off a guy flips a switch and listens to you screaming. OR, can he flip that switch anytime to listen to you breathing hard? Do they mic every room? If you are in the basement when the voice guy calls, does the burglar just say, "Everything's okay?"
Even then, where IS that 'central' voice guy? In your town or in New York, Bombay or Taiwan? He evidently calls the police (authorities) for you if needed but does he just dial 911 and try to explain to that operator that he's calling on your behalf? Then SHE contacts the police? Does he have to call your town first?
Why can't you just call 911 yourself? Much faster and safer. Just tell the cops that the guy has a gun and see how fast they respond.
Way cheaper to just get a mean dog, leave him inside and don't feed him. Maybe give Michael Vick a call to find out where to buy one.
Meanwhile, whisper.

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  1. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Don't you remember PT Barnum's quote?
    "There's a sucker born every minute"


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