Friday, August 10, 2007

ICBC huge profits

I think I know why.
A couple of years ago I bought a motorcycle. When it was time to insure I was shocked at ICBC rates. The particular rate for my new bike was $2700.00 a year! I got a 40% discount as an accident free DRIVER (not a rider) which brought the motorcycle rate down to $1600.00. No other discounts to apply. Like it or don't ride or drive a vehicle in BC.
Well I happened to have access to information from Washington State insurances. I was again shocked, but at their enlightened attitude toward motorcycles.
I would qualify for a 'Mature Rider' discount because I was unlikely to race around at my age. I also would get a discount for being a non smoker, I suppose meaning that I was less likely to cause the insurance company a cost because I fell off while trying to light up. Although I think it was really for being unlikely to die while riding. Another discount for the type of bike I bought, pure sport bikes cost more because they're likely to be driven faster and perhaps more recklessly. There was also a huge discount in Washington State for taking the Motorcycle Safety Foundation rider training course.
I took two courses before getting my bike, the BC Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Skills course, AND the Traffic Skills course, both expensive but highly recommended for avoiding a disaster on your bike. Then a refresher course too.
Didn't mean a thing to ICBC.
The bottom line is that for comparable insurance to what ICBC covers me for here, at $1600.00, would have only cost me $300.00 across the border! $1300.00 cheaper for the same coverage! And although my bike is aging every year, the insurance rate stays the same!
ICBC say they don't compile statistics or profiles on who causes more accidents. Private insurance companies do. Maybe it should be considered.
But ripping us all off is a sure way to pack in the profits.


  1. Anonymous5:56 pm

    ICBC seems to think it's their friggin' JOB to rip us off. Where'd they ever get that from?

  2. Anonymous9:51 am

    I'm sure every agent gets a bonus, if they screw the customers...


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