Monday, January 29, 2007

Gordon Campbell is innocent ...

Gordon Campbell, British Columbia Premier, has told us he is innocent of any corruption regarding his owning shares in Alcan Corporation and giving them a sweetheart deal to produce and sell power to BC Hydro at a huge premium price. Even though their original contract only allowed them to produce enough power to make aluminum. Even though the BC Utilities Commission said Alcan producing hydro power was NOT a good deal for British Columbians. Even though some municipalities tried to block the privatization of our rivers and Campbell brought in Bill 30 to stop ALL protests about private power in BC. He said he didn't KNOW that he owned Alcan stock in his portfolio. We believe him, right? Right?

Michael Campbell, Premier Gordon Campbell's brother, is British Columbia's most respected business and economic analyst. He is well known as the host of Canada's top rated radio business show - Money Talks - heard across the country. Michael also writes the lead business column for the Vancouver Sun three times a week, and is the Senior Business Analyst for Global BCTV News. He has written the National bestseller titled: Cooking the Books With Mike.

We still believe that Gordon knew nothing of Alcan stocks he owned though, right?


  1. Anonymous4:05 pm

    I don't believe Gordon for one minute...He hates BC and his record shows that...

  2. Anonymous1:50 pm

    He's Larry, Curly AND Moe in one! He don't give a shit about BC except to rip us off for his rich buddies!


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