Sunday, January 14, 2007

Stockwell Day secures Canada's border

Canada has unveiled a major border security and prosperity initiative, saying it would spend more than $432 million over the next five years to protect its borders from terrorist, economic and environmental threats. Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day made the announcement on Friday at the Canada-US border crossing between Windsor and Detroit, Michigan, where one-third of the US$1.6 billion in daily trade between the North American neighbors crosses over the Ambassador Bridge or in tunnels beneath the Detroit River.
Wow, they're finally going to stop Americans from coming here and demanding larger portions for breakfast, taking over our companies and closing Canadian companies down, and stopping the pollution spewing from US coal plants from blowing across. (150 more coal fired plants coming on line soon in America, folks, to help the Earth heat up) One assumes a wall or something will prevent Americans from peeking into Canada and finding out that WE are the greatest country in the world.
The whole plan is geared up to implement the eManifest program, which allows for computer-automated risk assessments of cargo shipments before they reach Canada. For instance, someone would be able to send computer data about a coming shipment and label it as 'Fluffy Cute Lil Teddy Bears' for instance, and save all that container checking they're doing now. So when the biker-looking-guy driver of the semi with the tires almost flat from the weight of his cargo arrives at the border, we'll know it's just more Teddy Bears and not guns and wave him through. The trouble with computers is that they can't be programmed to have 'suspicion'.
As far as dangerous terrorists are concerned, they're not actually sneaking into Canada like Mexicans into the American South, our terrorists just fly in and walk away while showing their 'Country of Convenience' Canadian passports.
Besides, one often thinks that the people who are most dangerous to Canada are all in Parliament anyway.

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