Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Reporting - such as it is.

Did you notice that the candidates for the Liberal leadership now meeting in Montreal are ALL evading the question of Quebec being a nation within Canada?
It'll be interesting to see the TV coverage by various reporters on this very hot issue. We have NO investigative reporters in Canada, much less any with the guts to ask a simple question of these shining hopefuls; the question of course is - What is your position on Quebec being recognized as a nation? Watch how the news stations cover this 'leadership' convention WITHOUT asking that question which would influence Canadians from sea to sea to sea. (Of course ALL the media is purposely ignoring the questions STILL waiting about the corruption of the former Liberals)
And they're meeting in Montreal which should tell you something right away. Recent polls show that none of the candidates would get half the votes of Harper for Prime Minister. Is it because the rest of Canada now view the Liberal party as the QUEBEC party?
Anyone out there who will let Canadians know something about these bozos who pretend they're leaders?
Anyone willing to rock the boat?
C'mon, just one.

UPDATE: French Quebecker Stephane Dion is the ?winner. And if able to push Stephen Harper aside in a next election, will be the third Liberal French Canadian to become Prime Mister of Canada.
Someone sent me this opinion about the leadership race ...
Re supporting the new Liberal 'leaders'.
If you look in the dictionary under "Corruption" it might say - Liberal; any member of that political party; A French Canadian politician; A provincial Liberal - (BC Premier Campbell); any Quebec based Prime Minister of Canada; a perpetual liar; a personal opportunist; see Chretien, Martin.
Q - Which Liberal Bozo do you support to lead Canada?
A - None of the above.

Yet another Liberal sidling up to the Canadian trough. Watch for the siphon going directly into Quebec's slush fund.

UPDATE2: And now the the opportunist part of the Quebec French Canadian comes out that many Canadians knew nothing about; That Stephane Dion is a FRENCH Citizen! Western Canadians are asking how they could vote for a Liberal Leader to become Prime Minister of Canada with a duel loyalty to France?

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  1. Forget that idea. Its always the same regardless of the party in power.

  2. media in Canada is a farce!

  3. Anonymous10:20 am

    You are so right jj, once they get elected they become scum and do whatever they want.


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