Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Quebec should go it's own way ....

.... and stop using Canada to sponge off. Harper is trying to say they are a nation WITHIN Canada. What kind of deal is that? Liberal leader hopeful Michael Ignatieff (who has been AWAY from Canada for 30 years) is saying he would recognize Quebec as a nation. Then is BC a nation? Is Yukon a nation? Do we all have equal status? It seems not. It seems that we are always treading lightly so as not to offend Quebec when the offensive idea to all true Canadians is that they are coddled and babied constantly so they don't cry and threaten to leave again!
Leaving is just fine with many Canadians. Quebec should go if that's what they truly want, however some things should be explained to them before they do go. And we as Canadians should ALL back up these points:
- Quebec will no longer send MPs to Ottawa. In the last referendum they believed they would STILL have votes in OUR parliament AFTER leaving.
- Jobs currently held by Quebeckers will be terminated and offered to Canadians. Including RCMP and all government positions.
- All Quebec-Canadian passports will be revoked and relinquished. They also believed they would retain Canadian passports!
- Any current monies paid to Quebec under equalization payments will be immediately terminated. Quebeckers believe Canada will still pay their welfare and family incomes as before.
- French will no longer be an equal language in Canada.
- Canada's military will remove itself from Quebec. In the last referendum, they actually sent out orders to OUR military that they would become Quebec's military and should pledge loyalty to their new country!
- Canada will no longer have any obligation to buy from or support any Quebec industry in competition with Canadian industries.
- All input from Quebec will be considered foreign and viewed as such.

The Liberals' believe in having a French-Canadian leader of Canada, and that has only been undermining our true Canadian identity in that the purpose has been to let Canada pay for the infrastructure to build Quebec's separate nationhood. Jean Chretien purposely did NOT educate Quebeckers on the true nature of them separating in that last referendum as his secret agenda was to ALLOW the separation. He wanted to be considered the Father of his country. It didn't work then but we would be rid of the parasitics now if it had.
Many say, if they need to go, let them but the services and nature of an economic relationship with Canada will be immediately lost.
All things have not been equal in Canada, Quebeckers have enjoyed an exalted position. It's time they should go it alone and let the rest of us forge a new Canada where all are equal and proud of our united country.

UPDATE: Michael Chong, Cabinet Minister resigns over Harper's actions on Quebec.


  1. Anonymous8:58 am

    Why cant they give the rest of Canada a vote in a referendum so we can vote them out! Who needs this crap? We'd get rid of all their corrupt politicians at the same time!

  2. Right on. Let them go!

  3. ExQuebec6:57 pm

    Let em go and good riddance. They are an economic drain on us all. They should also be told about a backlash across Canada, I for one will NEVER buy Quebec goods again.

  4. Anonymous5:57 pm

    Isn't there some kinda spray we could get to rid ourselves of these French maggots? Maybe Frog-Be-Gone?

  5. Anonymous10:22 am

    Someone should get t-shirts made with FROG-BE-GONE they would make a fortune..


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