Friday, June 17, 2005

Wally Opal as Attorney General

Wally Opal says the system is NOT soft. He is the ex judge who is now in power over all our courts in BC as Attorney General. Mr. Opal says the system is working just fine when compared to others around the world, he says our PERCEPTIONS are wrong about the system. The trouble is, when you've had your car ripped off you don't care about the rest of the world. The trouble is the drug dealer standing in front of your business is from somewhere else in the world and he stays there day after day after day. Even while being arrested day after day after day. The police continually voice their frustration at the courts.
Well, some believe that a judge is about the last person who should be in charge of our court system. Many citizens believe that judges are actually responsible for much of the ongoing crime in our immediate world by being totally sympathetic to the perpetrator and UNsympathetic to the victims!. One car thief was still being released after his 105th conviction for thieving! We KNOW that the drug dealers walk back to their corners within hours of being arrested. These are those heroin and crystal meth dealers who are destroying young girls and children. One had 35 convictions for hard core drugs and STILL got a suspended sentence. Does THAT judge have a grip on reality?
Some believe judges are about as far removed from real society as they can be when it comes to the crime wave in our province. Our perceptions are not wrong about the criminals that affect every one of us and who are spoiling the lives of the law abiding people.
I believe Mr. Opal will initiate endless studies of why these poor bad guys do their crimes without any real action to stop them. It's time we became cruel to criminals and fair to the victims of their crimes.
We need someone who is tuned in to do that.
Ex judges don't qualify.


  1. Anonymous2:12 pm

    I couldn't have put it better, your words describe so accurately the feelings of every citizen in BC. Wally Opal has been too soft for years as a judge and the result is crime not comparible to any place else on the planet. Why is he comparing Vancouver to others around the world? We don't care about the others we, right now are concerned about our streets.
    The gangs, criminal, killers walking the streets boldly, Police working for years , gathering evidence only to have a bleeding heart judge release them.
    My heart is bleeding right now for my sister's grandson Tyson Edwards 21 years old ,he was brutlaly stabbed at a Devine Brown concert at Richards. Laws need to be changed, get rid of those judges who put the criminals on our streets instead of behind bars. Wally Opal, you have and opportunity to help clean up our streets,change laws , save us or God help us all.
    Grandmother crying for Tyson

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