Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Microsoft, piracy and freedom of speech

Wasn't Micosoft the first corporation to complain about software piracy in China? We're losing millions they said? China doesn't comply with international copyright law they complained, everyone's copying our software, etc etc ad nauseum.
Are they fueling millions of new web users to continue violating Microsoft copyrights by limiting free speech on their China based web portal? Making these new users angry? CENSORING language such as 'democracy' and 'freedom' because the Chinese mandarines in power consider these words as profanity? Why does anyone from a free and democratic country WANT to do business with these oppressive people? Money.
My god, what passion for money to abandon all the freedoms that the United States has given Microsoft to become the world's leading software company! Talk about deserting your own beliefs.
Blogs are emerging as the very essence of world freedom to say what we want, when we want, about what we want. It was the web users who told the world what was really happening during Tianamin Square. Before the Chinese rulers shut them down and realised what the power of the web was. Microsoft, by allowing censorship and bending to the ridiculous demands of a backward Communism government, is bending the very precepts of Democracy.
They deserve all the software piracy they get.




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