Sunday, October 31, 2004

BC Law vs Homeland Security

Does anyone out there actually BELIEVE that whatever BC does in regards to its privacy laws is going to make ONE IOTA of difference to Americans if they are searching under YOUR bed for terrorists? We say we'll fine them 1 million dollars if they violate British Columbia law. Does the BC Government think we the people are ignorant? Dumb? Uninformed? Easily manipulated? The sad answer is YES.
We are farming out - against the wishes of the people who happen to also be voters - our private information to American companies, one of which is located in Bermuda to avoid US taxation! But these are American companies, who are subject to American laws, NOT BC laws, if the paranoid Americans want to check out every single person's private information, does anyone believe that we would KNOW when and if they do? Does anyone believe that an American company would come running to the BC Government and tell on Tom Ridge? The Department of Homeland Security will simply TELL those American companies that they want to see any and every file and threaten them with secrecy under the Patriot Act or else!
Having our goverment MLAs and spin doctors trying to appease the people of the province with idiotic rhetoric is slapping our intelligence in the face. YOUR private information is going out of province with the continual policy of the BC Liberal Government to lessen the worth of British Columbians. Don't stand for it!


  1. Anonymous9:14 am

    This subject was just on the Raif Mair program, as if he had just discovered it! They were talking about the American Maximus company not living up to their contract. And that already they couild have shared any and all info with the US government without anyone knowing at all!

  2. Anonymous9:15 am

    forgot to date my comment. It is now August 18, 2005. Shows how you are thinking well ahead of others, caterwauler!


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