Saturday, October 30, 2004

BC Government selling what they don't own!

It seems to me, that the present Liberal BC Government has no right to sell what belongs to the people of BC. The PGE was taken over by W.A.C. Bennett for the benefit of people and business in our B.C. Interior and became B.C. Rail. Even though it did make money, that was not the concept or a prerequisit. B.C. Rail became a proud possession of British Columbians. NO government has the right to dispose of our assets! B.C. Hydro is in the same catagory, also apropriated as B.C. Electric by Bennett. It is a power source which is the envy of all North America and should remain for the benefit and use of British Columbians. B.C. Ferries as well. British Columbia's ferry system was once proud of having more ships than the Canadian Navy! The present government is going to send over 500 million dollars OUT of BC for new ferries. And the TRUE reason Premier Campbell is doing it now is because he is stuck into pretending that BC workers cannot build ferries after bad mouthing the fast ferries to death. $500 million dollars COULD be going to British Columbians and their families and peripheral businesses that families use. That kind of money is an investment in the vibrancy, work ethic and expertise of the resident people. Campbell is still pretending that the NDP were the bad guys when he is the one being referred to as Darth Campbell.
The assets of British Columbians should remain as their possessions, they are part of B.C. and our ability to control our own destiny, selling everything off only places us in a subservient position to outside interests whose reasons are profitability with no regard for us as people.
Anyone can sell out, it takes resolve, creative thinking and a faith and vision in our future to hold on to what we've got and build for our future generations!

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