Saturday, July 12, 2014

UAVs proliferate in cities

Coming to a highrise near you, a drone peeking into your window.

The US Military has the Predator, the Global Hawk, the Shadow the Swallow, the Raven, the Mantis, the Dragon Eye and on and on. But now drones have gotten into the hands of private business and even back yard hobbyists. Yes, window peepers can now be hobbyists. Predators in their own way. Stalkers in the sky. And everyone can buy a Phantom, or an Octocopter, a Multicopter, or an Arducopter, and with a Go-Pro attached, your lusty horizons and busty visions are limitless!

In Seattle, a half-dressed woman complained that a drone was filming her from outside her 26th floor apartment! It belonged to a real estate company who was 'filming the horizon' for a client! They didn't say if the woman was horizontal when she was peeked at. And this is only the beginning. The possibilities for sweaty voyeurs and crusty old lecherous peepers are endless now that the technology is in the hands of the masses. Now we can all  film the horizon! Your kids can build these things and may take sexting to the extreme!

This .....

... has become this  -  take a look at what private drones are doing ....

  of course you can't always be lucky .....

Nevertheless ....
Even FBI agents have said that the legality of drone use is becoming a problem. A great amount of these are now out there and safety is going to become an issue along with legalities of people peeking at their neighbors, spying on things. Hubby has abandoned the fresh air of the open park and the model airplane club and now flies a UAV downtown under cover of smog with the SkyPeepers.
Well, if it gets you out of your Mom's musty basement and away from the computer I suppose it is a good thing? 

But watch out, dusty old Grampaw sitting on that bench isn't quite as innocent as he once was, to hell with the squirrels, he's got a controller and a brand new tablet with him. And Google Glasses on order!
And that bulge isn't peanuts in his pocket. 

Watch the gusty skies.

and fight back.


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