Friday, November 16, 2007

Welcome to Canada 2010

Welcome to British Columbia 2010, bring your taser deflector.
Anyone I have talked to about the tragic death of Robert Dziekanski is furious about it. They rant about the RCMP, their training and competence. They're incensed about the 27 second tasering of a confused man. Some are saying that the police just wanted to play with a new exciting weapon. Others that they didn't have any idea how to handle the situation. Four burly officers had to resort to lethal action to subdue him?
In my humble opinion, the officer who put all the weight of his leg against Dziekanski's neck during the scuffle should be charged with manslaughter at the least. In effect a death grip. That is a police matter, not a public inquiry matter. But did you know that the Vancouver Airport 'Authority' doesn't report to anybody? Like BC Ferries they are an entity unto themselves. Answering for their actions to no one.
All the four policemen who partook in this event should be fired in dishonor because none of them had the wit to understand the danger to the victim.
RCMP training should be reviewed to alert new constables to a fact that my young niece mentioned to me, that cutting off the blood circulation to the brain can cause death within 18 seconds. She said she learned that in high school!
Airport security on duty at the time should be fired because one man lingered for hours and hours without alerting suspicion or investigation! He could have been there to blow up a plane! What were they looking at if anything?
And the airport official who allegedly was talking to Robert's mother 5 hours after he was dead and told her he was fine should be fired in disgrace as well.
This is a catastrophic event when we are trying to invite the world to our coming Olympic event. It shows that we are incapable of handling alarming situations that require immediate thought and quick competent action. Do we want the world to think our RCMP are thugs? Very strong and prompt action is required here, or are we going to get another 'inquiry' that starts sometime years ahead when they hope we have all forgotton Robert Dziekanski? Why isn't someone available next week to conduct this while it is fresh in witnesses' minds and most of all, the public mind!
Tourist beware.

addenda: tasers work by firing a small pair of needles on a wire into your skin. The needles do not pull out. If they shot an AIDS or Hep C carrier before you, do they sterilize those needles? Do the needles carry diseases and transfer it from one victim to another? There might be more risk than falling on the ground here.


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