Friday, November 23, 2007

Jurist's decision

The Robert Willie Picton trial is winding down. The prosecution has finished their final statements, the defense finished their closing arguments. The jury now considers everything they've heard over the last months. It would be hard not to find Picton guilty with the mound of evidence at his pig farm.
But the consequences of a verdict remain to be seen.
The six women met their horrible end on that farm, there is little doubt about that, but it is hard to believe that even a detestable character like Picton could have carried it all out, time after time, alone. Will finding him guilty result in a closed case? All done, neatly tied up? If Willie Picton is found guilty because the evidence was found on the farm, then could it be that others could be guilty as well? Circumstantial evidence has one problem, it can point to others too.
One wonders if the jury could find Robert Picton guilty, and still make a recommendation that the investigation continue to find others involved. Or does everyone want to get it out of the headlines and into fading history, even if other murderers go free?


  1. Anonymous4:11 pm

    I feel W.P is guilty, BUT what about all the others that were involved.
    Are they all going to get a free ride if Willi is found guilty? Case will be closed and all the people that went to the Piggy palace and were involved in those girls deaths will never see inside a court room.That is not what should happen. Police, lawyers and judges went to that place. That is just not right...

  2. Anonymous8:18 am

    the cops are hoping it will go away once Willi is done with. but we all know others are just as guilty. and soem are known characters from that piggy palace.


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