Monday, January 15, 2007

Bill Good radio talk show

Bill: Welcome back after those 47 commercials. Today we're discussing the poisoning of our water supply. Line two, go ahead ...
Caller 2: Bill, there are all these wild bearded characters up there at Cleveland Dam right now, they've got barrels in their black van and they're pouring something into the water!
Bill: Sorry, but we don't know if those characters are wild just because they have beards. Line five after a break ...
(37 more commercials)
Bill: Line five? Line five? Line four?
Caller 4: We need to educate people about poisons in our water supply, Bill, maybe have a government study into it.
Bill: But do we have any evidence that this poison will harm us? Line six ...
Caller 6: Maybe there's an antidote for poisoned water, Bill. Has anyone done investigations into the long term effects of poisoned water? Maybe we could filter it farther downstream?
Bill: Be right back with more discussion about terrorists and our water.
(63 more commercials)
Bill: You're on, line three ...
Caller 3: My dog just drank some of that water, Bill, and died. We need to do something about this now! Another truck arrived at the dam and they've got masks on and guns!
Bill: That's all the time we have for this segment. We'll be right back to discuss exchanging your Christmas toys.
(129 more commercials)


  1. Anonymous9:46 am

    Sounds about right to me, that's why I never listen anymore.

  2. Anonymous1:48 pm

    Sheeez, you still listening to that soft talking hack?


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