Monday, June 12, 2006

Guardian Angels - why not?

The consensus seems to be about even on the reception to the Guardian Angels coming in to Vancouver. Yes or no. It seems however, that most people are not really familiar with what they actually do.
The Guardian Angels are not trying to be a police force or a vigilante group, beware of the motives of people who tell you they are. They are simply being on our streets to be eyes and ears for our Vancouver police. Their intention is to help people like drug addicts, the homeless and perhaps prevent injustices to those most vulnerable. IF a situation arises that needs police attention, it will be handled by Vancouver Police Department, hopefully responding to what a Guardian Angel sees or hears.
In previous incarnations, a lot of Guardian Angels' activities were put down in many cities. (they were here from 1983 - 1988) This resistance is often from police forces themselves, protecting turf, hesitant of anyone nosing into their business. However, patrolling our streets seems to have no downside when we know there are just not enough police to do the job. Surely anyone who frequents the downtown core often enough can see drug dealers on almost every corner. Transactions go on within sight of community policing offices! There aren't sufficient resources for VPD to be everywhere. Law enforcement should welcome them, we know the criminals won't. We're hoping the Guardian Angels will establish a rapport with VPD.
In some cases organized crime took their own actions against the Guardian Angels. Founder Curtis Sliwa was actually attacked in a locked cab by a hitman and only escaped with his life after being shot several times. The hit was allegedly ordered by Junior Gotti.
Surely having someone out there on the side of law abiding people can only be a good thing. The situation in our town is only becoming worse. Our police need all he help they can get.
Welcome them to Vancouver.


  1. Anonymous2:41 pm

    Right on cater, I live downtown and sure would feel safer walking home from work at night. The angels are a good thing for Vancouver.

  2. Anonymous9:28 pm

    let's give them a try? what harm could it really do?

  3. Anonymous11:15 am

    Look, the problem is: the cops have lost total control of the drug problem here. But they don't want the people to know that. So they'll resist someone coming in here to point it out! Ignore that fact if you want, but it is true and hundreds of sons and daughters are getting addicted every year by these unscrupulous drug dealers. And most of them are from another friggin country and are illegal aliens! You all should be totally pissed about this and welcome any help who wants to com here! Get with the friggin program, welcome the Guardian Angels and help save some lives. This is serious. Glad you brought it up, caterwauls.

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  5. jj, check out other references to Vancouver's drug problem on this blog. Use the Technorati search.


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