Sunday, June 04, 2006

Aquarium wants more of Stanley Park.

The aquarium wants to expand. Again. They want more of Stanley Park. Again. The park dedicated by Lord Stanley for everyone in Vancouver to enjoy.
Some folks think they should just get out of Stanley Park completely.
The promotors don't want a referendum on their expansion plans because the details are too complicated for us taxpayers to understand. Hmm.
They seem to have enough area to accomodate several hundreds of convention participants for dinners. What has that to do with the display of sea creatures? How did they come to host conventions? Do they want to build a new otter pool so they can expand their convention facilities at the same time? Sneaky if you ask me.
Maybe, but the public has an uncanny knack for knowing a scam when they see one.


  1. Anonymous2:09 pm

    I know for fact that the Canada Place Convention Centre sends their conventions to the Aquarium for dinners. Isn't that what the C.P.convention centre is for.
    The Aquarium should be for animals ect.The Parks Board and the Aquarium need to be investigated throughly.

  2. Anonymous3:35 pm

    What's convention got to do with anything?

  3. Anonymous3:47 pm

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  4. Anonymous8:57 am

    The aquarium is arrogant and always has been. They cater to rich people, and each time they expand, they take away a part of the park mostly used by poor people!


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