Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Barry Bonds vs Babe Ruth

Barry Bonds is nearing Babe Ruth's home run record. But the comparison should be put in perspective. All things must be equal to have a realistic comparison -
presently - - - Bonds = 700+ - - - Ruth = 714
Equalized comparison = Bonds drug enhancement record = 700+
Ruth = if he didn't smoke = add 15 runs ... if he didn't drink hard = add 25 runs ... if he didn't carouse around all night = add 30 runs ... if he also took steriods for strength enhancement = add 100 runs. Therefore the equalized comparison totals should be = Bonds = 700+ home runs, Ruth = 884 home runs.

Not taken into account =
Bonds - detested by fans
Ruth - endeared by fans.

The Sultan of Swat eyeing another homer.

UPDATE: The US government has now launched a lawsuit against Bonds for perjury in a previous testimony regarding his denied use of steroids. In a related issue, four junior league baseball players have been suspended for using banned drugs. It's working its way down. We'll be seeing muscular, bald ten year olds in Little League soon.


  1. Anonymous9:09 pm

    Baryy Bonds is a disgrace to sport

  2. Anonymous5:47 pm

    and if he had to play against black ballerplayers what would you subtract?, moreover baseball was to young black men then , what basketball is now

  3. Satchel Paige would probably strike out Bonds EVERY time anyway.


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