Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Repost from 2010 with addenda

  Monday, January 4, 2010

New World Order

This phrase is gradually getting known.
And beginning to be accepted as something out there that might be happening.
Some attribute the first signs of this to the Bilderberg Group, after a meeting of world leaders and powerful people who met in 1954 in a Netherlands hotel. These secretive but important people are said to have discussed the future of the world and what was needed to sustain our precious blue planet. This sounds like a noble cause actually, because if humanity keeps going unchecked with our waste and carefree attitude, something will break down, if it hasn't started already.
Since that first meeting, many carefully chosen others have attended more of these esoteric meetings around the world. Often world leaders and heads of state. The rich and powerful. Influential magnates and those well connected to the channels of power.

Speculation has become rampant, as happens when you tell little of what you are up to. One of these ideas is that it has been decided, that, although we have six billion people clinging here right now, the optimal population of Earth should be about 500 million. Quite a disparity. 5.5 billion.

So if that idea has been put forward, then one only has to try to understand how this population decrease could be accomplished.
Ah, there it is then.
If you accept that there are some people over the years who actually could implement such a grandiose plan and might actually be starting on it, other notions begin to percolate to the surface of the human thinking mind. And as conjecture about something so covert breeds conspiracy theories like nothing else .... one begins to wonder HOW could this be done?

War. One would need war. Excellent for quick and easy destruction of life. Nuclear tactical weapons have already been approved by America and Britain. Those same weapons already threatened by rogue states.
Disease, many already believe AIDS as a CIA plot to depopulate Africa. Now we have H1N1 going strong, aka Mexican swine flu. Didn't you know that Mexico City is now the most populous city on Earth? Some even distrust the vaccinations!
Chemicals sprayed into our atmosphere (so called chemtrails) with a mixture of mind altering spores to de-immunize and change our personalities to accept a way of life as someone else envisions it?
Genetic engineering? It is possible now to do genetic manipulation to have a cause and effect on certain groups of humans, say, Negroid people can be affected by something that does not affect a Chinese person, etc. And all those ramifications. One could selectively engineer a future population. But that takes time.
HAARP is a military establishment up in the mountains of Alaska. A High Altitude Array Radar Project installation that is studying things like over-the-horizon radar and the ionosphere. However there are suspicions that the ability to boil clouds, change weather and influence human behavior might be part of that stealthy project too. This installation does NOT appear on Google Earth. Hmm?
And the phrase New World Order was brought to the mass attention again in 1990 by George HW Bush in a speech that electrified and sent chills through the conspiracy theorists.
Well this is mind boggling. isn't it? I'll leave you with that stew for now.
But although maintaining a healthy and minimal population on Earth IS a pure thought, some believe that the purity has become prurient. A siren of sex to those in power. The Viagra of their being might now have become another swollen conception manifesting into their elite consciousness. What if .... ( a harsh whisper) ... New World Order became ....  One World Government?
Yes, a hushed phrase that can fill glimmering eyes with a power induced glaze. An idea that immediately creates Kings, Princes, Emperors and .... um, what else?

And the conspiracy mongers go with it. A noble idea run amok.
Are we heading that way? Destined? Is this the beginning or the end game?
Pay attention to world events with these thoughts in your mind and suddenly the rationale of the happenings becomes more centered. More real. Things make sense. Do research for yourself. Ask questions or at the very least don't accept answers. Where is the truth? Pay attention.
Movies make stuff like this happen on screen as fiction, which makes it all the harder to envision in the mind as reality.
Pay attention. 

Addenda 2020

Looks like the Deep State has settled on the novel coronavirus after a test with SARS a few years ago. Now called Covid-19. Somehow this deadly virus escaped from China and in only weeks appeared in Iran, Italy and every cruise ship at sea! Now it is in almost every country of our small world intent on, or engineered to get that population down to the magic number; 500 million. Even if they fail by one billion, it is still a success. In the above post we considered ways the powers-that-be might install their new government after a disaster.
What a perfect disaster is this virus. The trouble with war is the destruction and danger to the winners after the fact. Crumbling ruins are no good. Radiation is inconvenient for 200 years. But disease, ah disease, leaves all the buildings standing, all the houses livable, all the luxury cars waiting patiently in their garages, the swimming pools filled, the golf courses undamaged and all the food still on the shelves! What a perfect elimination of 5 billion people!
Is the New World Order coming? Maybe, if all those Bilderberg folks figured correctly. Maybe.

Might have to scout around for toilet paper though. 

Looks like a WWII mine doesn't it? Maybe it is.

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