Friday, December 26, 2014

The Royal Y Ears

Left to right ...... thinking ....

Queen Mum                              = "I've got lendmeyourears,  12 to 1 in the fifth."
Hat woman                               = "I cannot stop staring."
Prince Charles                          = "I can hear the ocean."
Background man                       = "Stiff upper lip."
Hat woman husband                  = "You will STOP staring, we'll be disgraced."
Queen Elizabeth                       = "I know jist what them bastards 're thinkin."
BG man                                   = "Stiff upper lip."
BG man                                   = "Blimey, stiff upper lip."
Laugh lady                               = "Dumbo. I can't help it."
Prince Phillip                            = "You stop that!"
BG man                                   = "Veddy stiff upper lip."
Soldier                                     = "This is way too funny, I'm outa here!"

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