Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Violence VS Tenderness

Let's protect our children from behavior they shouldn't see, shall we?

A woman photographer was recently banned from Instagram, for posting a selfie pic showing her breast feeding her own child!
OMG! She what?

Not there yet, hold on. Get this: The account of maternity photographer Heather Bays was banned because her 20 month old CHILD was topless while breastfeeding!  And that, in the narrow minds of the people who run Instagram, is considered child pornography!
Instagram by the way, is owned by Facebook, the social site that the FBI the NSA and every police department in North America use to find out stuff about YOU!
Mz Bays had 2000 maternity photos on Instagram which were lost from their actions. Pictures of mothers and their children.

But is it only Instagram that is judging and governing our morals and conduct? Or is it a combined effort of inward thinking people with an agenda who want to eliminate love, tenderness from our lives while accepting violence and brutality? Is it all part of a mass conditioning plan? Violence is strong, tenderness is weak?

These photos are considered not good .....

 Maternal tenderness. Not good.

Shared happiness. Not good.

Love between people. Not good.

Gustave Courbet. Not good.

Topless infant. Really not good.

.... while these photos are acceptable .....

Manhunt game for young boys. ok

Stallone macho movie. ok

Instagram post. Which they say has strict policies about partial nudity. But this is ok.

Rihanna, young girls love her, but does she really 'like the way it hurts'? Can't be ok, can it?

Why are the dregs of society admired and copied while the beauty is chagrinned? Why are most comments about Jay Z and Solange saying, 'the bitch shoulda listened.' How did we get to this precipice of morality? Where did all those people go who were trustworthy to inspire and guide us?
Heather Mays  said, 'Every single day, women are shamed for just being women, for being mothers.' Ain't it the truth. And now we're starting to shame children for their innocence?

Joltin' Joe has left and gone away. So has sanity.
What are we actually protecting our children from?
Sad isn't it?

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