Monday, December 30, 2013

Plans for war.

Ferry Porsche is showing Hitler the very first Volkswagen ....

Ferry Porsche - "You see Adolph. Ve hide der motor into ze boot at rear, vhen British look for motor unter der bonnet in front, ve tell za swine our autocar runs on AIR! Zey vill give up, ve win der war."

Adolph - "Ingenious Ferry! Und where is das air cumink from?"

Ferry Porsche - "But Adolph, it ist not air, ve only tellink British it is air."

Adolph - "Ve could use old air pumps from Hindenburg refueling field. Zat blimp ist not comink back anyway."

Ferry Porsche - "Ja, vee could, but zay are helium pumps for der airship. Zee autocar runs on gas."

Adolph - "Gas? Ah clever, passink wind will run zee car, you hear zat, Doenitz?  Und bratwurst is plentiful."

Officer at back - (whisper)  "Der freakin' Fartswagen."

Ferry Porsche - (sigh) "Okay Adolph, air it vill be."

Admiral Doenitz - "Und if ve run out of air, ve could fling dem beetle bugs across der Englisch channel filled mit explosives."

Adolph - "Ja, Admiral, filled mit helium zay vill float high und blow up well. Toss a few of dese vagens at der Poland volks in der mornink."

Admiral Doenitz - "Ja Mine Fuehrer. I start za war now."

Adolph - (satisfied deep inhale) "Air. Ingenious! Ferry, make tanks mit air too."

Ferry Porsche - (under breath) "Good Grief."

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