Sunday, November 24, 2013

Spin and scam from the Federal Government

Are Canadians just dumb?

Here's a good one and a perfect example of the Federal Government putting one over on you and the municipalities across Canada. It's about the railroads and dangerous goods.
So here's what they are saying,

'Months after the deadly train disaster in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, the federal government is forcing rail companies to tell municipalities when they transport dangerous goods through their communities.' 

Well, it sort of sounds that way, doesn't it?

Lisa Raitt, Minister of Transport, announced new regulations about the transport of dangerous goods on Parliament Hill Wednesday. This is unadulterated spin and a scam against all Canadians who could be put at risk just like those unsuspecting people in Quebec! The Harper government is letting the railroad companies dictate policy, which could be at the expense of lives all across Canada. 

Raitt issued what she called a protective direction Wednesday in the hope it will result in better communication between municipalities and rail companies. She acknowledged that the information won't prevent another tragedy like the one on July 6, when oil-laden tanker cars derailed and exploded into flames, killing dozens of people and devastating the picturesque core of Lac-Mégantic. 
"But what it might do is give municipalities more tools to better prepare for possible future disasters," she told a news conference in Ottawa. "This part is about response and ensuring that communities have the information that they identify that they want to have." That was double-talk! 
How the hell do you prepare when you don't get advanced notice?
Are you as stupid as Lisa Raitt thinks you are? Will this go right over the collective head of Mayors and city officials across the nation? Seems that is what the Transport Ministry is hoping for.

So I HOPE someone in Parliament actually asks Raitt how does a municipality prepare for dangerous goods a year after they pass through? Do you tell the dead people lying by the tracks in Lac-Magentic to look out for the train that went through?
If this wasn't so serious it would be a crying joke! 

The government says that Canadian Class 1 railway companies (whatever they are?) that transport dangerous goods will provide municipalities with detailed dangerous goods information every three months.
Would that be like, Hey, you little town, we shipped a nuclear bomb through your town three months ago. It didn't go off.
Any other company or person that transports dangerous goods will also have to inform municipalities what was transported through the community, but on an annual basis. No clarification whether the culprit railroad, with only a one man crew, Montreal, Maine & Atlantic, is a class 1. 2 or 20, does it matter in Raitt's mind?

None of the information has to be provided in advance

Is this just an asinine announcement by an idiotic person to a totally gullible public?
Claude Dauphin, president of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities is clearly duped by the scam, "It sends a clear message that the government of Canada fully agrees that local governments need to know basic information about dangerous goods being transported through their communities." Being transported and WAS transported is a distinction he cannot make, or chooses not to, and it is incredible that he didn't notice.

The airhead Justin Trudeau commended Raitt for issuing the 'order'! And you wonder why he's considered an airhead? What was the order?

Keep voting folks, you're getting what you wanted. 

Explosions à Lac-Mégantic: trains ou pipelines?
72 oil tankers crashed - killing 47 people! 

"Look out, a dangerous train went through!"
"It's okay, they're going to let us know."
"Before or after the funerals?"

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    We need a whole new government. All three need to be turfed out and we should start all over with new parties and new people..


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