Monday, February 11, 2013

Coincidence or Conspiracy?

Pope Benedict XVI is resigning. Citing age and tiredness for his inability to continue with the stress of the work. He will be the first Pope to step down in 600 years. Popes usually die on the job ... er ... somehow or other. 
Bye-bye flock

Then they do the smoke thing up there and all hail a new pope. Black smoke indicates a failed ballot. White to say the choice is made. (Would it be reversed if a black Pope was chosen?)

We are sorta wondering though .... you've seen the present TV advertising campaign across North America, pleading with Catholics to 'come home'. Is the Catholic religion suffering a loss of Christians? Is the 10% contribution not enough anymore? Perhaps the Vatican is facing a cash-crunch too, like Italy, Spain and Greece, and they want that cash base to come home again? Did Pope Benedict fail his job evaluation? 
Did the Cardinals make him an offer he couldn't refuse? Did Marlon Brando as a hologram make an ominous appearance? Or worse, Tony Soprano, aka James Gandolfini. The Pope said he will retire to his summer residence at Castel Gandolfo in the hills outside of Rome. OMG is he sending us a signal? 

Ciao! I am ready!

The Roman Catholic world has plunged into intense speculation about his successor. Maybe they need strong management at the top. But from who? Perhaps someone who would bring the papacy into the 21st century?

The candidates will be surfacing soon. 


  1. Anonymous2:54 pm

    I love your choice of a replacement. He should fit right in.

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