Thursday, August 02, 2012

Enbridge Pipeline Through BC

This is the kind of country the Enbridge tar sands oil pipeline will pass through in British Columbia from Alberta to the sea. If a picture is worth a thousand words, here are 15,000.

(click for larger picture)

October Morning - David Southwick
Heaven - Richard Kosacz

Willow River - Richard Kreuger
Chinook Salmon - Cal Kimila

Bulkley River - wanita

Stellako Lodge - alkane

Eagles - Kelly Favron
Humpback Whales - north-boy

Hixon Falls - milcia

Bowron Lakes - David Cure-Hryciuk

Dolphins - Gardner Channel - listed

Fingerlings - north-boy
Early Morn Fishing - M82fish

Bear  Lakelse - akacake

Inside Passage - jiangliu

All photos from people who traveled through this pristine country and posted them to  Google Earth. Can we take the slightest chance of spoiling this or any other part of BC?

Write in your BC river or lake name here _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .

and if you care, read this - - -

addenda - The Enbridge Energy Company has been recently ordered back by the US Government to the Kalamazoo River to do more cleanup. Because the tar sands oil/bitumen, has sunk to he riverbed, is contaminating and needs more cleanup.  01/01/2013


  1. Anonymous8:22 am

    People need to know that in that Kal river spill, they just drove a bunch of tanker trucks up to the river and tried to vacuum up the oil. Could you folks up in BC do that?

  2. Jocko9:37 am

    It is reported on the news that Enbridge says they will follow ALL the environmental guidelines in building their pipeline. The news stations are NOT reporting, however, that Prime Minister Harper just watered down all those guidelines in his Bill #38! You are not being told the whole facts!


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