Sunday, November 07, 2010

Here's a lil conspiracy theory for you

Ever wonder why the Canucks have so many Friday or Sunday games?
Ever wonder why they hardly ever play on Saturdays on CBC Hockey Night in Canada? And even when they do, in between periods Don and Ron just continue commenting on how the Leafs or Canadiens played in the earlier games?
Ever wonder about who makes up the CBC telecast schedule?
Ever wonder if the Eastern Powers ever even think about the 'Colonies' out West?
Ever notice any of this?
Just sayin'.


  1. Barry8:58 am

    They all hate Vancouver, because it is so much better than their part of the world. East is east and west is the best. Yah, VANCOUVER.

  2. Anonymous10:46 am

    Why are we not getting as many Canucks games on T.V. this year?

  3. caterwauler8:35 am

    Go here to get most games on your computer - - - -
    There will be a list of what is on then you just click and enjoy the game.

  4. I really liked your article.


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