Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Big Game

Karlheinz Schreiber has testified. He told us some things. Brian Mulroney comes up soon. He'll deny everything. In all probability, Eddy Greenspan is advising Schreiber to slant left, let Mulroney counter to the right, then go back up the middle with the devastating tackle. Schreiber is playing to stay here. But he is only part of the Big Game. Mulroney wants him in the permanent German penalty box.
Normally Schreiber could enlist the Liberals for help in attacking Conservative Mulroney. But Conservative Harper has already threatened the unintelligible Dion: You tell things about me and I'll investigate Chretien, Martin and the Sponsorship Scandal. Which seems to have been swept under the astro-turf in the game among participants. The players are all dirty.
To the Liberals the game is strategy not truth. The NDP have a shrill voice but the other two fend off any attempt by them to appear the 'honest' party. The Green Party doesn't seem to pay attention to mind pollution. And without an active truth seeking media, we can't expect any revelations or resolutions. Investigative journalism is out indefinitely with an upper body injury. Likely concussion.
It might end up a tie game with no shoot-out. And no matter how much we spectators hiss, boo or cheer, we won't influence the outcome.
Too bad, we lose.

UPDATE: The latest polls show that most Canadians believe Schreiber over Mulroney.

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  1. aaron8:14 am

    vote for green or independent canditdates. no one else is honest. the public always loses


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