Tuesday, July 24, 2007

2010 - Northwest Territories

We're seeing this Northwest Territories logo everywhere these days.
Inukshuk it's called, there's a fine example right on English Bay beach, given to us by the Northwest Territories after Expo 86. There are other events using their logo but we cannot mention them anymore.
You see, the organizing committee of that 'event' now is hiring a "branding cop", who's going to police every mention and come down on you for using anything resembling that event's logos, pictures, wording etc.
Everything will be monitored, including TV, radio, home business, billboards, even cyberspace on the internet!
You won't be able to use words like "Games City," "Medals," "Vancouver," "Whistler," or even "Sponsor!"

Maybe we'll just promote our kind northern Canadians then.



  1. Anonymous11:26 am

    I heard they weren't going to sell Audi cars here any more!

  2. Anonymous11:27 am

    Fuck them assholes!

  3. Anonymous12:02 pm

    They are so ridiculous about it all, for two weeks they're going to alienate enough voters to lose an election over? Maybe.


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