Friday, June 01, 2007

Measles from Japan?

So what's the deal with this?
These Japanese tourists come to Canada .... they bring measles with them. 130 of them were heading back to Japan. They were about to board their plane. Instead of letting them go back to their own country with their own measles, we quarantine them here, put them up in hotels and pay their medical costs.
Canadian taxpayers are so rich now that we simply go looking for medical problems to pay for?

The way I see it Japanese tourists are no advantage to Canada even if they are healthy. They book a tour of BC from Japan, fly here on Japan Airlines, ride around in Japanese buses with kanji written all over them, stay in Japanese owned hotels in Whistler, and patronize those Japanese owned and speaking stores on Alberni street by buying little wooden Mountie figures that actually say 'made in Japan' on the bottom. Then they're gone. And all the money they spent goes back to Japan. I'm thinking they'll be importing Japanese whale flavoured ice cream soon to eat when they get here.
They only thing they're leaving with us this time is measles and a big bill to pay.

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  1. Anonymous9:27 pm

    Only in Canada......


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