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Tim Horton's coffee, a donut, and your info.

Repost update in regard to the controversial Tim Horton's App YOU downloaded to your own phone. Original was posted in 2017 and we all know 'they' have progressed since then..
Do you think you are being surveilled? You bet you are and it's all your own fault!

I just got a new Samsung phone, and here is what I found in the small print, certain things that you allow without being asked - - - This is just part of the Samsung legal. I have cut some of the lawyer language.

  • Your Samsung may often download Updates automatically through Wi-Fi or other network connection ... Samsung will provide you with notice of the Update where practicable.  (Which could mean it may NOT and you won't know what exactly happened?)
  • Internet Access - The Samsung Software will access the internet through your mobile network which may result in additional charges. (Whaaa?)
  • Third-Party Materials - Certain Third-Party (TP) applications may be downloaded to your Samsung Mobile Device. Such applications may include content data, information or materials, or provide links to TP websites, you acknowledge and agree that Samsung is NOT responsible or liable for any content on said downloads. You agree that use of these TP materials (that you did NOT agree about) is at your sole risk. You agree not to harass, abuse, threaten or infringe on the right of the TP stuff, (that someone put on your phone which you did not ask for) TP materials are governed by the TP terms of use and which may include personal data you provide, even unknowingly are subject to that TP's privacy policy. (So you can see now that you have NO control over your own phone and what someone may put on it!) and Samsung in bold upper case, disclaims any responsibility for any disclosure from TP practices! (So an UNKNOWN entity puts stuff on YOUR phone without your knowledge and YOU are to blame for whatever results that makes! WOW!)
  • Then they have another loud talk basically saying they are not responsible for anything at all!  lol
Samsung Privacy Policy Highlights
  • We collect personal information that you provide ... from Third Party sources, social networks and analytics. We may share your personal information with affiliate or trusted partner companies, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, etc. (THEY may trust them but I don't know if I do. They are not even telling me who their so-called trusted partners are!)
  • We collect - Device info, hardware model, IMEI number, phone number, serial number, country code, network code, MAC  address, IP address, settings on your device, cookies, pixels, (Whoa! a word about pixels, like those used to make a picture of a nice cow in that field. It is made up of pixels, maybe a million or so - tracking pixels can be added to any picture and you think you'll see one? Nope. Remember microdots from WWII? Meanwhile these magic pixels are sending out data about YOU!) Log info, usage info such as time and duration of your use of certain services and any info stored in cookies that WE (your phone) have set on your devices! (Whew, how long did I stare at Miss String Bikini '75? That iron collar on my neck is getting tighter!  All to provide ME with a 'better' experience, it says here!) Sure.
  • WE (your phone) will disclose your information to -  Affiliates. Business Partners, who work together, like a bank, research etc, These business partners control and manage your personal info. (Big list after that too.)
  • Your use of our services will involve the transfer, storage, and processing of your personal info to other countries in particular the Republic of Korea, but also - the EEA, USA, China, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Canada, the Philippines and Japan. (Of course we have NO IDEA who some of those countries may share your data with once THEY have it, do we? And the tech industry is trying to scare us away from Huawei for spying?
Well, this is far too long to expect you to read and store the info, suffice to say that your phone IS intruding on your privacy. Spying on you, without you knowing they are doing it, or without you knowing WHO is getting YOUR info) Give me a break, go directly to the gullible line.
Lots more headings tucked into those innocent looking paragraphs. 
And now it has 'View Security certificates' - Scroll down this one if you have the afternoon off, there are hundreds of these on your phone, all there to help YOU.
Here are only a couple - AS Sertifitseerimiskeskus - Chungwa Telecom Co. Limited - QuoVadis Limited - (I don't even like Victor Mature) - Turkiye Bilimsel ve Teknolojik (just because I bought Turkish bread at the bakery?) - Secure Trust Corporation - (Secure Trust?) There are fifty more on my phone. Sorry, but I don't feel better about this. As Paul Newman would say to Butch, "Who ARE those guys?"

And better still, you can now use a fingerprint AND/OR face recognition to access your phone! So you press your finger into a box that records your print, and now you use that to make your phone work. Is that a problem that virtually anything going into your phone becomes digital info that is nothing more than a series of numbers! I have never activated a fingerprint reader, but somehow my phone already has a heading - Fingerprints with a - SHA-256 fingerprint heading, and an alphanumeric like this - 41:C9:23:86 etc and those number-letters go on and on! 256 finger prints are already there? Are these the prints of the spy guys who are going to be reading and listening and watching everything I do on my shiny new communication device? Are they pre-installed? 256 of them! How many do they need?

And what about face recognition? Go ahead. Now 'They' know who you are, on your phone, on the street, going into that concert, loitering near the bank. Hmm, all this is for you. Nothing controversial about that. Is there? Is there? In China those face masks are used even without smog! I know why. And those numbers when digitized and duplicated by simply inputting the string into any computer and viola; there, I just typed in your fingerprint! Or your photo, and there you are, grinning like a gerbil with a new wheel!

Well has the desired effect been achieved? What can I do except take the easy way out like the rest of you? 'I'm not doing anything wrong so I have nothing to worry about ' you say. As long as I continue to keep my job, watch baseball and whatever they want me to be normal about. Sure.

The problem is, what exactly is normal or wrong? Who defines wrong? I go to church. But what Church? We saw Jeffrey Epstein going to a church once. Was it a Shinto Temple? It's wrong to be a Copt in Egypt. You're not an agnostic are you? Will Christians become illegal? 

And where did you go when you conveniently 'forgot' your phone in the bar that night? You went back the next day to retrieve it, but what did you do in those nine hours, 22 minutes and 49 seconds while it was out of your pulse range? Did you foment revolution? Who did you go home with? You drive an older car without the black box so they couldn't track you. You better buy a new car, they'll put ads on your phone to help you pick.
And that selfie at the game. Why did you include the man 2 rows back and one over? Do you know that guy? Why is he watching you? WE know him.
This could be endless and I am not a paranoiac! But I am afraid to play Words with Friends now because what about the words I use? Are they saying something subliminal about me that is revealing my hidden personality? The FBI is using software now that can identify a potential criminal! (and arrest you because you are likely to commit a crime)
OMG what have I said on facebook and Twitter? What videos did I like on YouTube? 
Paranoid? Nooo. Sorry Mom, but we can only talk now on benches in public parks with lots of truck traffic passing by.
And by the way, say Hi to Bixby, on your Samsung, he's their resident fink. He probably knows Siri, Alexa and all those other informers, snitchers and stool pigeons too! You don't know what HE looks like, but he knows what YOU look like. There might be an app on your phone right now sending all your calls, texts, photos, and more to who knows? You know of course, that your camera phone works without any tell-tale light now, don't you? It can be bypassed. And how do you know your microphone is on or off?
Give me a minute, I'm taking deep breaths.
So. Do I think I am being surveilled? You bet I do and it's all my own damned fault! I bought a new 'smart' cel phone, but don't you be a smart ass and think yours is different, because it ain't! Your Google or iPhone will be exactly he same, the brand makes little difference and you'd be a fool to think other wise. Get used to your virtual ankle bracelet and speak clearly when you whisper.
But I'm keeping my old car, it doesn't have a little black surveillance box with a location track record like every new car and knows where to go without On-Star.
Trust me.
The only question remaining is this:  If Tim Hortons had said to you before downloading the App, 'We will give you a coffee and a donut to record virtually ALL your personal information." Would you have agreed?
[Shhh!  Got this from an old Dick Tracy comic.  Invisible ink for writing secret notes - you use lemon juice with a nib pen and the message cannot be seen until you heat the paper .... I'm just trying to help.] 


Thursday, March 31, 2022


Monday, March 21, 2022

Space Aliens

How many commentators have looked at UFOs, or as they're calling them now, UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenom) as closely as we should?
First, when we see lights in the sky, and we cannot explain them, we assume they must be space ships from some other Galaxy. So IF they were, and have arrived here from a thousand light-year journey from somewhere in Pegasus, why would they need lights? Do they need to look out the windows to see where they're going? Do they need windows?  Do they need eyes?
Can we accept that any space vehicle in our realm will not need lights? For lighting up their path or for being identified! 
Wouldn't they have way better stealth technology than us? If you're going into a new galaxy and know little about the folks who live there, wouldn't you want to approach with caution? Instead of brandishing that now familiar V formation so often the subject of speculation?

And why do we assume they'll be our relative size? Human sized. Yes maybe depending on where they are from. Jupitor has room for big people. But isn't the real reason the dinosaurs went extinct is because they were too big for our little planet? If we were on Pluto would we be 1 (one) foot tall? 
Maybe our space visitors are actually the size of lady bugs? Or smaller. Why can't their space vehicle be the size of a beach pebble! And why isn't that a full big craft to them. So what if they actually look like beach rocks, and they all crashed here and became sand fleas who are hopping mad at their captain! 
And we all saw that F15 supposedly chasing a UAP across the skies. Really? Maybe it was just a fruit fly stuck in the radar sensor? Or a pretense for the USA to start a 'Space Force'.

And why so often do they seem to land in rural communities. If they really wanted to communicate, wouldn't they land on the White House lawn? Or within the Kremlin walls? Or Forbidden City? No space creature in it's right mind would land in Kansas or Arkansas! 
"Travis, there's a seven legged critter out there with 18 eyes looking in." 
"I'll get the shotgun, Martha." 
Blam! No Martian gonna get a 'murican.
Or maybe the vehicle passed us by already. Oumuamua dropped by to have a look and the scouting report was that our lil' blue planet is full of parasites, let's get the f outa here! 
I'm itchin' already!

So is that all we are? Just bugs with no greater purpose in our universe. Move on, nothing to see here, folks. Jus' keep on going like the Humuhumunukunukuapua'a.
Come back in two or three light-years.
Aloha, Oumuamua, muhalo.
Psst! Maybe don't tell anyone we are here.


Friday, January 14, 2022

Tahiti or bust.



 (mixed up history)


 The last picture of the Titanic leaving Ireland.


From the rowboat - 'Fletcher Christian, I'll see you hang from the highest yardarm in the British Navy!'

From the big ship - 'Piss off, Bligh, I be captain of de Bounty now.' 






Saturday, January 01, 2022

What If?

What if you died and went to Heaven and when you got there and were checked in you went into a room and all your former Earth friends were there, greeting you with handshakes, hugs and big smiles and you thought, 'Hey this is alright.' There were big windows to a sunlit pastoral countryside that made you feel all yellow and warm and welcome. 
And you found a really nice plush chair, and they served you fresh tea and fancy cakes and you started reminiscing about all the fun times you had with them over the years. 
And they kept bringing up old escapades and you all laughed and it was so warm and nice and you felt so good about seeing them again. Each one had a wonderful memory to chat about, and loved being in Heaven. And after a while you all got a little tired and went to sleep with a smile and pleasant visions to dream on.

And you woke up the next day and headed down the hallway into the room and there were all your friends again, smiling like before and making tea again, with those lovely cakes and that cozy chair. And one of your friends said, "Do you remember that time when you ..."  and as she spoke you thought, 'Hey that's what she said yesterday.' and then you realized that everyone else was also exactly the same, and going through the same talk and motions as yesterday. 
And you began to wonder and wanted to ask a question and ... then you got tired and went to bed again.

And then you woke up on your second day in Heaven and went to the same room and that chair and everything was the same again and your friends said what a nice visit that was yesterday and then talked about a memory that they talked about the day before while bringing you your tea and cakes. And telling you how much fun it is to recall things. 
 And you got tired again and went to bed.
And then woke up. And went to the room. And there they were. Waiting.
What if that was Heaven? 

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Repost from Olympics in 2008

Covid 2021 may be the least of your problems; This being from the LAST time the Olympics were in China!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Olympics closing ceremonies

     A Canadian Olympic spokesperson makes a final comment to our athletes -

    "We are satisfied with our (cough) efforts to compete here in China. You all did (cough) excuse me, very well. Considering.We're sorry that so many of you had to spend hospital time here in (cough) Pekin, Peking and Bei (cough) jing. 
    "All those who are returning to Canada on the (cough, sniff) Implant Express planes, please head out to the airport now, lungs are available back in Canada. Don't forget your oxygen tanks. (cough) You'll be able to shower safely again in Canada, try not to touch friends or loved ones until you do. And please burn your Olympic uniforms, (cough) oh sorry, I didn't mean because they were ugly, they might be contamin.... oh you know what I mean, (wiping eyes)
    "Anyone standing at the back of the room who can't see me through the room mist, (cough) I hope you can hear me, Q-Tips are at the door. And those Olympic rowers who just rowed out to sea .. well, there were fresh breezes out there (cough) what can I say? We're sure our marathoners will be found soon. (cough, hack, snort, sniff cough) 
    "And we're sorry about that crash on the cycle track, where our (cough) rider got turned around the wrong way. We've dropped the protests on the track events too, (cough, cough, prolonged coughing fit) because there were no visible video (cough) recordings seen through the smog of our final positions. The infrared and heat sensing cameras were (cough, cough) okay but the Chinese disputed who the figures actually were in the 100 meter races etc. 
    "And please don't think our athletes were crying just because their eyes were like that. (cough, hack, cough, drip)
    "Well until the next Olympics, thank you all ...
    "er ... Anyone still here in the room? Sorry can't see anything ... Someone should really stay for the closing ceremonies.
(cough, sniff)
    Anyone out there?

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Lytton, BC

Lytton B.C. had a devastating fire this summer. July 1, 2021. Canada Day. Often the village held the record for the hottest place in Canada. This year a temperature was recorded at 49.6 C. (122.2 f) Situated in the Fraser Canyon, 258 km (160 mi) north of Vancouver where the South Thompson River meets the mighty Fraser River. 


I had ridden my motorcycle on the popular Duffy Lake Loop many times and you pass through Lytton as part of the ride. The blending rivers are far below. I also worked there while filming the movie, The Pledge, with Jack Nicholson.  Lytton was small but held a certain charm and I was captivated by an abandoned house, right on the main street and thought it looked pretty enough to deserve restoration as a regional information center. And my imagination led me to write this on my website:




 old  homestead  dreams


 Lytton House


Sometimes you can write your own history to a photograph ... 

Spring, 1883

Honey, I got the job working on building the railroad now so we can stay right here in Lytton!  I will be on maintenance. and I found a great building lot for a house.

I can't wait for you to see this area.  The mountains are sometimes purple and blue, and the pines are always green.  The wide river gorge is really beautiful.

The lot I picked is right on the main thoroughfare.  We can build our own house and I can do a lot of the designing and building myself, you know I am good with carpentry and I don't care how hard the work is. We'll make our house real nice, it'll be the best one in town.  And we'll have the kitchen so you can always see the views. It'll be a real kitchen too, not like the cubby hole in New WestminsterWe'll have a big fireplace for winter, there's lots of pinewood windfalls around, and I'll make a nice porch on the shady side for summer. 

You'll feel free up here, Honey, the sky never ends and the air is even sweet to breathe. And we'll have 3 kids, two boys and a girl, with a big grassy front yard for them to play in. And we'll plant an apple tree so they'll always have rosy cheeks. And a vegetable garden in the back. And there's fish in the rivers too, we can almost eat for nothing.

The River Trail comes through here, and the Wagon Road going to the Cariboo gold.  And now they're prospecting up the Thompson River too. So there is a real future here. Now don't laugh, but you might even see a camel! Once the railroad is done there will be more settler people too. Families. Folks like us. You'll be able to sell your delicious pies to the travelers and miners. I know you'll love it here.

Lytton will be a good place for us to settle, Honey. I have promise of a long term job with the railroad company. We can make a good life.  I will buy the building lot.  I can't wait to get started.

Send me a return letter, no never mind, just get here as soon as you can.  We are too young to be apart any longer.

You know I miss you.

God speed.


  ... I would love to see this beautiful old house preserved by Lytton
as a heritage site, or perhaps restored as a tourist information center,
but I fear it will disappear to developers soon. 



Alas, that is no longer possible. The fire raging nearby approached the village and took only 20 minutes to turn it to horrific flames. People had to jump into their cars and escape with what they had on. About 250 lived there with about 1500 in the First Nations community also evacuated with only minutes notice. 90% of the town was burnt down as well as the Chinese History Museum. Artifacts of its record became ash.

Some say they will rebuild and start over again. Perhaps they will. The people of Lytton didn't live there because it was easy, they are hardy people who are not afraid of work and we hope they succeed.

Now I am glad I snapped this picture of what I named Lytton House, as it preserves a quiet memory for me, with thoughts of hope for the future, and perhaps a bit of our Lytton village for you too.






Tuesday, August 17, 2021


In April 1975 I was in Hong Kong. It was British then and a fascinating city for a Canadian. Full of energy and human action. Today HongKongers feel they are a unique people who with their freedoms over a hundred years have built something special that needs no suppression of their dynamic spirit. 
We stayed in Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon and had a nice hotel right on Nathan Road. The old Kai Tak airport was only a narrow strip of reclaimed land that jutted from the main waterfront into Victoria Harbour circled by high buildings. The pilot flies over the tops and there was no glide path, so he has to suddenly cut power and drop between those skyscrapers, but crank it on again about half way down to get going and avoid being a splat! Then you look out the window and the wings seem over the water because the tarmac is so narrow. You appreciate the skill of airline pilots. 
And you soon discover the bus drivers' skill too as they race their double-deckers on a tortuous route through the city, narrowly missing overhanging awnings and surging crowds. Hong Kong may be British but it's not London,

You visit Hong Kong Island via the Star Ferry. When you want to cross from Kowloon you just run aboard and toss your money into a huge funnel and are never sure if they actually count it. 
You might see a rare Chinese Junk passing with orange sails, or witness people in the Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter who live their whole lives in little sampans. Or go to the magical Tiger Balm Gardens and buy a little vial for aches and pains. And it works! 
Although the riches of Hong Kong were evident in the fantastic array of modern high buildings and Rolls Royces, the poor were visible too. Living in grey tents or a lean-to on the hillside with only a piece of corrugated tin for shelter, sometimes whole families eked out a living by making plastic flowers or little toys and dolls. Cooking in tiny pots. Julia Child once said the Chinese were the best cooks because they could make their food taste the same wherever they were in the world!
While we were there Chiang Kai-Shek died. April 5, 1975. He was the Nationalist revolutionary and military leader of the Republic of China from 1928 to his death in Taipei, on Taiwan island, the last stand of the free Chinese against the Communist hordes that still rule today. What was called Mainland China then, and wants now to eliminate Taiwanese democracy from China. Like Beijing has done with those brave HongKongers who resisted as long as they could. Taiwan may be the last of Free Chinese.
In 1975 you had to escape to Hong Kong from China. While we watched on the news of Chiang Kai-Shek's passing, the hillsides bloomed with the red and blue flags of the Republic lamenting the event. And it seemed that however poor those hardy people struggling on the slopes were, they loved their freedom more than cowing to the communist regime and needed to show it to the world.
Says something about their mettle, doesn't it?  

Note: In 1842 China ceded Hong Kong Island to Britain in perpetuity,  (Treaty of Nan King)  followed by the Kowloon peninsula (Convention of Peking) in 1860, also to the British in perpetuity. The lease was up on the New Territories only in 1997. Many China watchers feel the Brits betrayed the people of Hong Kong.

Friday, March 12, 2021

Sky Train Extraordinaire

Here is what could be done with Sky Train. The present idea is to continue the line past Surrey, the fastest growing city in Canada, to Langley. The plans are already there. To expand the elevated rail line further seems like nothing more is needed except concrete and steel. And money. And imagination.
And the deal; After the extension to Langley, just continue the line through to Cloverdale and its historic sites. Used in many movies for small town charm, and the world famous Cloverdale Rodeo and Country Fair, its fertile lands also grow the best strawberries in the world!  Then Aldergrove, and many farm markets including the world's biggest cannabis farm! The primary communications station for the whole Canadian Navy Pacific Fleet lives here.  
Then ride on through the south valley to Abbotsford, the Hub of the Fraser Valley and the home of the Abbotsford International Air Show, largest in Canada. The show has featured the Snowbirds, the Blue Angels, a huge Russian Antinov AB 124, a WWII Lancaster bomber, an SR71 Blackbird and every aircraft in between! And you may see soaring eagles and circling hawks too! 
Abbotsford retains a small town charm though it is just a step to the USA border, and a bridge to Mission, B.C.
But our new Sky Train route isn't turning back yet, we're moving on ...

All along the way there will be glorious views of rural farmland with picturesque barns and dramatic snow capped mountains! On to Chilliwack, surrounded by hop farms, cornfields, mountains and lakes, parks and trails. But with the bustle of a thriving center! Here you may glimpse a glider being towed to altitude and para gliders floating on invisible air currents. Even a Tulip Festival! As well as a multitude of recreational areas for leisure activities!     

Then moving still eastward to Agassiz where there is a crossing for cars now, at Rosedale, and with a new Sky Train bridge across the Fraser there would be a connection to the famous Harrison Hot Springs resort. Now take a western route north side of the Fraser to Mission, full of early BC history and old shops for browsing. And follow the scenic Lougheed highway and a sight of the Benedictine Monastery and Westminster Abbey tower to Coquitlam Center and a meet up with the existing Sky Train line again with access to all of Greater Vancouver!
A wonderful green loop route for tourists and locals to enjoy our great Fraser Valley ambience! And the people become friendlier! This could be a great day trip for folks who cannot afford otherwise costly travels and don't want the stress of driving, and most of the time you are elevated for exhilarating views!  The Fraser River has been a highway for commerce for two centuries! And lurking beneath are the world's biggest sturgeon!

The old BC Electric Interurban Tram Line went through Richmond since 1910 and into the Valley once before, the right-of-ways are still there and BC Hydro retains the rights for passenger service. 
And we have abundant clean electric power in BC with a huge reserve for the next 100 years when Site C comes on line! 

Families could get a day pass, perhaps enabling them to get off and on along the way to sample the small town offerings! Pack a box lunch? 
A wonderful way to spend a few hours comfortably site-seeing within your own backyard! 

Of course virtually all the towns on this proposed Sky Train scenic route have interesting historical meaning, festivals, cultural events and fun all year round. Easy to research when you plan to go. Even a casual day-trip ride of the loop would be de-compressing for your mind and replenishing for your spirit! 

Why not make our whole Fraser Valley an affordable and enjoyable and memorable BC tourist attraction? 



Why not?

Don't tell me you can't do it, show me how you CAN do it!

Saturday, October 17, 2020

International Trade with Finland

Hey you Suomi Finns, how about this one from Canada; we'll trade
you one jiggling John Deifenbaker, one hem 'n' haw Harper, a mumbling Joe Clark, an evading Brian Mulroney, a Popeye-speak Jean Chretien, a Mr. Dithers Paul Martin, TWO Turdeaus, and 12 John A Macdonald statues, (some minor damage)  .....


..... for only ONE Sanna Marin? Deal?

The Prime Minister of Finland

Paid for by the committee to elect Sanna if she ever comes to Canada..

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Dumbing Down

Is the Dumbing Down of the populace nearly completed?

It has been known for a long while now that the powers-that-be are not compliant with people thinking about their position in their world.  The Elite, the Deep State, or whatever you want to call them are not happy if people have time to think. So they keep the fodder coming just enough to prevent rebellion, and keep telling us that we are lucky to be here. Wherever you are.

What is the great goal of this secret cadre of manipulators who control everything on Earth? You must first accept that Republicans or Democrats, Tories and Labour, CCP, Taliban or any other political party in any country is irrelevant. Even your favorite candidate on your favorite party who stands for what you believe in. Whomever is in the White House, the Kremlin or Beijing doesn’t matter. 

It was determined years ago that now that we have almost eight billion people on earth scrambling for a life, it is way too many. If we accept that, then we must grudgingly accept that someone has to do something about it to save humanity. Those who are really in control of us may have a noble purpose after all. It has also been agreed that the maximum population on this planet should be around 1.5 billion. That may be a little low, so let’s use 2 billion. What do you think all those surreptitious Bilderberg meetings were about? The power getting the message out to those who could enact the program.

We have 1,440,403,869 in China today. India has 1,382,604,367, Mexico 128,932,753. Indonesia 273,523,615. South America 431,434,745. Bangladesh and Pakistan right up there too. United Nations Data. Just too many humans. Somehow Earth itself needs to reduce population by five BILLION people. Birth control is not working except in very few instances. Even China has lifted its restriction on how many babies are allowed. Not good. 

So how will this ‘reduction ‘ to two billion people from the presently over seven billion be accomplished? Keep in mind that reducing our total population must be seen as a noble cause and a crucial action put into effect to actually save Earth. Just asking folks to stop having children and waiting for the result won't do. Not enough time. So in reality to make Earth a livable and sustainable planet, someone needs to kill off five billion people. Really? Yes really. 

How? Of course there are many ways to kill off population.

Wars are great. Not those little Middle-East dirty wars that take so long. Or those African wars that keep arms dealers going. Or jungle skirmishes. But big wars, maybe even what they call tactical nuclear wars. Some have already developed small nukes that will clear a battle field in seconds. But as we know after Chernobyl, nuclear energies make that portion of Earth un-useable for perhaps a century. And wars just kill off our best young don't they? Besides, hot wars just screw up the infrastructure. Buildings all blown up, bridges, roads and railroads, water sources, food production poisoned. 

Bagdad took years to recover from the specialty bombs dropped in the city in the first Gulf War. Bombs that were made up of super-fine carbon particles that destroyed all electronics and were impossible to clean for re-use. And even with bullets in army weapons that simply disintegrate whatever they hit with depleted uranium cores, and is nothing left except some dust where a human used to be, it's still way too slow. There is the Strontium 90 bomb that doesn't kill buildings but wreaks death on any living thing. Nope. We need to live afterward and more important, be able to grow food for life. 

We should be aware that most present wars are only an engineered distraction to keep us from thinking about our situation until it is revealed in such a way that we have no alternative but to accept it. Maybe they'll promise you your very own building?

Some believe Earth is striking back right now by increasing the intensity of hurricanes and so called natural events. Gaia fighting for existence. Earthquakes kill a lot. And the West Coast wild-fires in North America are beginning to work. And they're spreading everywhere. Floods help. South Asia sees them every year. Climate change, but that is what Mother Earth is fighting against, isn't it? And US!

And why are millions of people so afraid of vaccines? Once the saviors of children to a whole range of debilitating disease in the youngest. The confidence is gone. Rumors keep slipping through the cracks in the narrative as to exactly what is inside those vaccines? And now we know Bill Gates and his vaccines have been kicked out of India, and Africa wants him out too as thousands of children after getting a vaccine associated with Gates, are coming down with polio! Even with dumbing down the distrust grows. Vaccines are supposed to save people. Nope they won't work. Eugenics would take too long. We only have a decade or two.

You know, of course, that a pandemic is the answer. So now we have one. And although it is progressing through Earth right now, no one seems to know much about it. The virus spread to 185 countries within six months! Yes your health authorities are battling and learning day to day but there is no answer on how to shut it down. There was slow action to close borders and no action to prevent air travel. And is there a second and third wave? What are long term effects?

Perhaps that is the plan? The program? Has the present novel coronavirus been engineered? 

Wuhan, Hubei, China, is believed to be the starting point. A city of 11 million. To the Chinese credit, they had 40 hospitals in Wuhan area designated for serious and critical care for COVID-19 patients, some built in days! But the question is how all this came about isn’t it? Who is Shi Zhengli? Known as China's 'bat woman', she is a virologist and microbiologist working from a military lab and supported to the tune of 100 million dollars by the Pentagon! Yes the Pentagon! Was Shi's job to genetically engineer and use synthetic biology to create a virus infection easily transmutable into human beings? Is the pandemic now a weaponized attack? But of course, even with the blame game, the battle isn't between countries. It is them against us!

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) works around the world helping other countries keep outbreaks of contagious diseases from spreading globally. They missed on this one though, didn't they? And how did it take hold so fast in so many unrelated areas? There were 47 specialist Americans in the Beijing office, according to public CDC documents viewed by Reuters. Then suddenly there were only 14. Many epidemiologists were gone. In addition, the manager of an animal disease monitoring program with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) transferred out of China in 2018.


Of course we remember the furor of the Wuhan so called ‘wet markets’ where live exotic animals were for sale as food including civet cats and pangolins which were suspected of carrying human transferable diseases. If there needed to be a distraction, animals were it. Remember those crispy bats being eaten there? It is a fact that the Chinese will eat anything. Reductions at the U.S. agencies sidelined health experts, scientists and other professionals who might have been able to help China mount an earlier response to the novel corona virus, as well as provide the U.S. government with more information about what was coming, according to people who spoke with Reuters.

Aha. Now we are getting back to the premise, aren’t we? 

American experts in China were brought home. One has to consider the possibility that the draw-down made this catastrophe more likely or more difficult to respond to. Many pertinent offices in China were closed. One has also to consider that IF this pandemic could be started (as a design) anywhere, Wuhan China was perfectly placed. Some of those wet markets are like a scene from Blade Runner. Perhaps it started in that cluster of 41 patients with a mysterious pneumonia in December 2019? And the whistle-blower in China, Dr. Li Wenliang suddenly died in February. 

The American expert, Dr. Linda Quick, was in an ideal position to be the eyes and ears on the ground for the United States and other countries on the coronavirus outbreak, but she mysteriously left her post in July, and might have alerted officials to the growing threat weeks earlier. The first cases of the new coronavirus may have emerged as early as November. Does this sound a little contrived to you? Me too.

The CDC would not make Dr. Quick, who still works for the agency, available for comment. 

So what else? A Wuhan research facility was suspected to be less than secure after the US Consol visited in 2018. They were conducting research into bat coronaviruses and their potential as a risk of a new SARS-like pandemic transmissable to humans! So the remaining question in my addled head, is why would China allow such foreign influence in their health care situation? Unless they are part of the much bigger plan. And I am not solely blaming China, they like the United States and most other modern countries, are not necessarily in control of what goes on within their own borders!

Well my intent is not to dispute one way or another about the present pandemic. Just to suggest it is a perfect method in the start to reducing Earth’s population by 60%! So what else leads one to believe we are being manipulated to accept whatever is put in front of us? 

You heard about the new ‘Space Force’ division of the US military! They are saying they will have satellites in orbit to protect us from ... Martians?

Now it becomes clear why the Pentagon allowed the release of those ‘UFO’ videos streaking ahead of US jets that you saw on the news! The idea being that they were being flown by some kind of Aliens they are now acknowledging might be ‘out there’! Or were a couple of blips created by Computer Generated Imagery, CGI, good enough evidence for the now dumbed-own masses. And the controlled media. So you know you must see the need for a Space Force. And the process will eventually entail weaponized space pods in synchronous orbits with military personnel aboard and the potential to monitor and stop actions on Earth that may be seen as aliens, or bad guys acting up. Oh good, they’re going to save us from space creatures! And maybe from ourselves too? Zapping us from outer space gives a whole new meaning to 'Top Gun', doesn't it? 

Maybe you weren’t here when Alexander Haig stepped forward during the Reagan attempted assassination and asserted "I am in control here." That scared a lot of people. And the My Lai massacre in Vietnam was the result of out of control US troops. Not to mention the Gulf of Tonkin Incident. More recently Lt. Colonel Vindman had to admit he made up parts of testimony in a Senate Hearing on Ukraine. Can we trust a military guy in space not to zap us because he was bullied in Grade One? We were all warned many years ago about the Military-Industrial complex. General Eisenhower understood the mentality of soldiers, especially that they were not all dedicated 'warriors'. As some like to call them now, ignoring what they do.

Can this be done? If you’ve heard of ‘directed energy’ weapons, sure! These are way better than lasers with their tell-tale green or red streaks in the sky. You see nothing at all. Things just seem to cease to exist! Sort of like WT 1 and 2? And 7. But I'm paying what little attention I have left to the corona virus right now.

You see where the circle connects? You are so happy with Gilligan’s Island reruns and that the Skipper is stuck for two days in the tent with Ginger, that you miss all those millions dying/disappearing. And literally every show, newscast, documentary you see on TV has become propaganda aimed at indoctrinating you to the cause or making you to fall asleep. Does Mark Wahlberg ever lose for America? No way. Why is that? Because History will be changed anyway, what happened in the past is no more? And historians of the future will consult that movie! For now, beer and baseball are what you want to have. RBIs are what you need to remember. Forget CGI and the NSA. Don't ask about anything else.

So can we change our opinions of Soros? Rothschilds? Rockefellers? The Deep State is not just in America, or Britain or Russia or China. It is where the ones already in control of everything you do are. Perhaps from some middle kingdom. Media and news? This shadowy network, which is barely concealed at this point, includes secret societies like Skull and Bones and the Bohemian Grove as well as less-secretive organizations the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Meetings. Here are some other perps - Michael Bloomberg, Rupert Murdoch, Jeff Bezos, Zuckerberg for only a small few sort of like 'local' guys doing what they're told. They're not really players, more like undergraduates. It is said 17 billionaires control everything you see or hear, most of whom you may never have heard of. 

Nazi Propaganda Chief Goebbels said - "Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play."

National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger quote - "Who controls the food supply also controls the people.” The Monsanto folks already know that.

Psychoanalyst of Hitler, Walter C. Langer - “People will listen to a big lie sooner than a little one, and if you repeat it frequently enough, people will sooner or later believe it.” 

Mark Twain in Life on the Mississippi voiced it perfectly - "... lay low and hold your breath, for I'm bout to turn myself loose."

Nobel Prize for Literature, Bob Dylan - "All the truth in the world adds up to one big lie."

The whole dumbing down idea is like part of some new Stockholm Syndrome, where we come to love our captors and appreciate them for letting us remain living here on Earth. But no thinking is allowed. We may even embrace their ideology ala Patty Hearst! But then we might not even know we've been captured, ala Noam Chomsky.

There are 7.7 billion people on Earth right now, (Sept. 2020) figures released by the UN show global numbers are now growing at the alarming rate of about 100 million every 14 months. By 2050, the Earth’s population will have hit 9.7 billion and it will continue to rise if unchecked, reaching a figure of about 10.9 billion by 2100. 

There is a New World Order coming, but five billion of us won’t be part of it. We've left it too late. There are 500,000 dead from the virus now. (Jan 2021 - 2.2 million) Not really many, but some will say it is a good start. How many stages are planned? Will you or your children be part of of the remaining two billion super-humans on our beloved Earth? Somehow having escaped the genetic targeting? Part of the purposely enshrouded agenda? 

But is it all really a noble cause?


Thursday, August 20, 2020

Good Old Joe

Funnier than all the comedians you've seen this year!

At first you think we don't want this comedian in the White House, 
then you begin to think, Maybe we do!

Who knew?
Thanks to Drew Berquist

Friday, April 17, 2020

China Today

When are we going to stop thinking of China as poor and realize they are more rich than we are?

Everything is not thousands of years old anymore

Things have changed ....

  Maybe we haven't been paying attention?

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Google KNOWS you.

Reprint from Gabriel Weinberg, CEO and Founder of DuckDuckGo

What does Google know about me?

You may know that Google is tracking you, but most people don't realize the extent of it. Luckily, there are simple steps you can take to dramatically reduce Google's tracking. But first, what exactly are they tracking? Unlike searching on DuckDuckGo, when you search on Google, they keep your search history forever. That means they know every search you’ve ever done on Google. That alone is pretty scary, but it’s just the shallow end of the very deep pool of data that they try to collect on people.
What most people don’t realize is that even if you don’t use any Google products directly, they’re still trying to discover as much as they can about you. Google trackers have been found on 75% of the top million websites! This means they're also trying to track most everywhere you go on the internet, trying to slurp up your browsing history! 
Most people also don’t know that Google runs most of the ads you see across the internet and in apps – you know those ones that follow you around everywhere? Yup, that’s Google, too. They aren’t really a search company anymore – they’re a tracking company. They are tracking as much as they can for these annoying and intrusive ads, including recording every time you see them, where you saw them, if you clicked on them, etc.
But even that’s not all ...

 If You Use Google Products
If you do use Google products, they track you even more. In addition to tracking everything you’ve ever searched for on Google (e.g. “weird rash”), Google also tracks every video you’ve ever watched on YouTube. Many people actually don’t know that Google own YouTube; now you know.
And if you use Android (yeah, Google owns that too), then Google is also usually tracking: 

    Every place you’ve been via Google Location Services.
    How often you use your apps, when you use them, where you use them, 
    and who you use them to interact with. (This is just excessive by any measure.)
   All of your text messages, which unlike on iOS, are not encrypted by default.
   Your photos, even in some cases the ones you've deleted.

If you use Gmail, they of course also have all your emails and contacts. If you use Google Calendar, they know schedule. There’s a pattern here: For all Google products (Hangouts, Music, Drive, etc.), you can expect the same level of tracking; that is, pretty much anything they can track, they will.
Oh, and if you use Google Home, they also store a live recording of every command you (or anyone else) has ever said to your device! Yes, you heard that right (err… they heard it) – you can check out all the recordings on your Google activity page.
Essentially, if you don't tell them not to, they’ll track pretty close to, well, everything you do on the internet. In fact, even if you tell them to stop tracking you, Google has been known to not really listen, for example with location history. 

You Become the Product 

Why does Google want all of your information anyway? Simple: as stated, Google isn’t a search company anymore, they’re a tracking company. All of these data points allow Google to build a pretty robust profile about you. In some ways, by keeping such close tabs on everything you do, they may know you better than you know yourself!
The result of all that tracking is that Google uses your personal profile to sell ads, not only on their search engine, but also on over three million other websites and apps. Every time you visit one of these sites or apps, Google is following you around with hyper-targeted ads, trying to influence your behavior.

It’s exploitative. By allowing Google to collect all this info, you are allowing hundreds of thousands of advertisers to bid on serving you ads based on your sensitive personal data. Everyone involved is profiting from your information, except you. You are the product.
It doesn’t have to be this way. It is entirely possible for a web-based business to be profitable without making you the product – since 2014, DuckDuckGo has been profitable without storing or sharing any personal information on people at all. You can read more about their business model on their home page.

The Myth of “Nothing to Hide” 

Some may argue that they have “nothing to hide,” so they are not concerned with the amount of information Google has collected and stored on them, but that argument is fundamentally flawed for many reasons.
Everyone has information they want to keep private: Do you close the door when you go to the bathroom, or cover your windows when it gets dark? Privacy is about control over our personal information. We don’t want it in the hands of everyone, and certainly don’t want people profiting on it without our consent or participation.

In addition, privacy is essential to democratic institutions like voting and everyday situations such as getting medical care and performing financial transactions. Without it, there can be significant harms. 
On an individual level, lack of privacy leads to putting people into a filter bubble. Getting manipulated by ads, discrimination, fraud, and identity theft. On a societal level, it can lead to deepened polarization and societal manipulation as we’ve unfortunately been seeing multiply in recent years.

You Can Live Google Free 

Basically, Google tries to track too much. It’s creepy and simply just more information than one company should have on anyone.
Thankfully, there are many good ways to reduce your Google footprint, even close to zero! If you are ready to live without Google, on their site they have recommendations for services to replace their suite of products, as well as instructions for clearing your Google search history. It might feel like you are trapped in the Google-verse, but it is possible to break free.

For starters, just switching the search engine for all your searches goes a long way. After all, you share your most intimate questions with your search engine; at the very least, shouldn’t those be kept private? If you switch to the DuckDuckGo app and extension, you will not only make your searches anonymous, but also block Google’s most widespread and invasive trackers as you navigate the web. 
If you’re unfamiliar with DuckDuckGo, they're the leading provider of privacy protection tools to help you seamlessly take back control of your personal information online. They’ve been providing a private alternative to Google Search at for over a decade, and also offer a mobile private browser for iOS and Android (DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser) as well as browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome and Safari. And DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials to protect your desktop browsing.

They’re also trying to educate users through their blog, social media and newsletters, so more people can get the privacy protection they deserve.
Another search engine that doesn't track you - 

Google doesn't want you to spy on them though - they destroy your search - 

What you search for - Tucker Carlson comments on Google creepy tech - (YouTube)

What you get - Tucker  nothing - Google can do that.

And if you ARE worried and truly serious, there is the Tor browser, which routes you through many countries around the world so you are anonymous.  The FBI, State Department and hundreds of agencies use Tor for secure communications because they don't trust Google either.  
You needed to know this.